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  • If you are still looking for an electrician I could take a look at what you need done this weekend. I am licensed and currently work in the trade.

    Yup, you got it right! Definitely cool meeting you and Tiff. Good luck on the wedding stuff. If you need any suggestions let me know, I have some really good ones. My e-mail is [email protected] Nice work on the goodies too...you should probably stay away from some Karma posts for a while ;) But if you're ever in the Worcester area, the same invite it open. Also, if you ever want to go shooting at American Firearms School, let me know, that's where I typically go. You can rent guns there.
    hey man it was awesome meeting up wit you and ?alyssa? today! Tiff and I had a blast...and I managed to pick up a TON of goodies. The scope is by far the best thing at the raffle

    if you're over out in boston and wanna grab a brew, let me know!
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