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  1. Good Samaritan kills active shooter in Texas

    cool story bro! no seriously, it was a good read
  2. Survival Deals

    filet Mignon jerky, from 3 jerks jerky. i saw their ad on shark tank. yes it is a ad. cuz it got me to buy two of them which they have still not delivered because of the shark tank overflow. anyways i bought the original and hamburger, anyone tried it yet?
  3. Doomsday Preppers - New Show on National Geographic

    New season tonight
  4. My fav pic from nevada

    what is this pic. of?
  5. Love to show pic of 17 yr old daughter at range to gun control NITWITS!

    me too, about this pic being at my gun club, good ol mvgc
  6. show me your custom grips / handles

    very nice ^
  7. BULLDOG Belly Band Holster

    i got one of these for xmas and my small sig p232 has slipped out and fell on the ground twice. so now say goodbye. going back to my ankle carry, at least with ankle, it has not fell out yet.
  8. Trolling the ATF at Shot Show

    i dont get it, can someone explain why this is so funny?
  9. Mall shooting in NJ?

    maybe that's it, the news does not report the good news and only the bad.
  10. Mall shooting in NJ?

    what i don't understand... if their are so many of us people, who do legally carry. why has not one single person who is a "ltc a" has never took a shoot at not even one of the guys who come into a public place to start shooting randomly.
  11. I can't stop buying stuff. New Toy. Damn internet!!!!

    I have the same one. Used it one time. Anyone wanna buy it, hit me up.
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