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  1. Crossbow for yotes?

    Thanks that's what I figured.
  2. Crossbow for yotes?

    Anyone have a clue on whether or not it's legal to use a crossbow on yotes in Mass? Asking for a friend who owns one but no guns.
  3. Eotech Holo sights?

    Pupchow, I'm in western mass and use it for yote hunting, your welcome to check mine out its the xps2 with magnifier and I have another xps2 with NV compatibility.
  4. Where do you put your nightstand gun when your at work?

    Neither does a soft-sided zipper locked gun cases or a glass front locking cabinet but they're gtg.[rofl] it's not about safety it's about control, same as every bit of gun control.
  5. Renewal times

    Less than 3 weeks in South Hadley
  6. Open House at Granby Bow and Gun Club

    Leadership is all changed and that attitude doesn't exist anymore. We will be running pin plate and 3 gun shoots next year.
  7. Open House at Granby Bow and Gun Club

    Reminder the open house is today ten til four. Come buy some raffle tickets for the two guns we are raffling off, free door prizes, someone's walking away with a membership, free hotdog and beverage. Fifty fifly raffle.
  8. Open House at Granby Bow and Gun Club

    And still expanding!
  9. Open House at Granby Bow and Gun Club

    This Saturday from 10 to 4 Granby Bow and Gun Club will be having an open house. There will be a raffle for two guns, a 50 50, free door prizes free hotdog and beverage. Sign up now for next year and the rest of this year is free. We have roughly 400 yards and are expanding, concrete shooting...
  10. Other .40 cal pistol options?

    If for whatever reason I had to get rid of my glocks I would revert back to SIG likely a 229 and be less than pleased but confident in the gun nonetheless.
  11. Trigger Jobs are awesome

    That's just the trigger on them, not a massified thing like some guns.
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