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  1. Shed possible before winter?

    Ponderosa Pine Wood Products - Joel's buildings are a 30 year structure... LINK Brick - House.
  2. Talk like a Pirate Day

    Yellowbeard Looks like I have somethinf to watch tonight...
  3. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    A specific level of refinement for precision.
  4. Georgia Woman Sentenced To Prison For Pawning Dozens Of Stolen Guns

    FLETC is near by - coincidence? Some years ago I was visiting the FLETC for professional reasons - there were front page newspaper listings of FTA related offenses in the local newspapers...
  5. Old SXS shotgun trash or treasure?

    Mike Orlen for the barrel work...
  6. Joe Biden’s radical proposal for the Democrat Party platform for 2020 seeks to put an end to America’s suburban communities

    Most communities already have a "low income" clause for new construction.
  7. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

  8. Goodbye Phantom Gourmet

    Talk to Papa John...
  9. WOW! Watch Term Limits Advocate SHRED Congress!

    'Head lice are asking for a re-count."
  10. Guns That Seemed Cool in Movies... Disappointed IRL.

    Sledge Hammer - had to go find it..,
  11. Guns That Seemed Cool in Movies... Disappointed IRL.

    Wasn't that "Hightower" somethinglikethat - a cop parody show ABC I thought...
  12. HUGE Riots all over the USA/Other places too. Mr. Floyd is forgotten now. Rioting/Looting/Antifa-Anarchy/Soros & Co. MEGATHREAD!!!

    And when central government becomes inefficient & corrupt, then what?
  13. Am I wrong being upset with my Employer?

    If it hasn't been suggested - file short term disability. Go to chiro, etc. and get treatments for the issue. My back problems are manageable and it sounds like yours are too. Take care of your body.
  14. Should we go to war with China.

    Yes - Read the red book - then use economics, we're behind the curve...
  15. Trudeau and Blair BAN 12 Gauge and 10 Gauge SHOTGUNS!

    Poorly written legislation.
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