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  1. New Guns for a new shooter.

    Not really an AR guy, or own any rifles for that matter. But my Mossberg 12 gauge, Glock 17, Glock 26, Beretta 92, M&P Shield and my S&W 642 have all served me well.
  2. Well So much for Live Free or Die

    Hey! What's the big deal? Your still free, free to go whenever the government says you can go.
  3. Los Angeles getting ready to go on Full Lock-down...

    Does this lockdown include gangbanger and the undocumented?
  4. Hantavirus Kills Man in Shandong, Province in China – Spread by Rats

    A virus that can be spread through rats can be very dangerous. Especially since we have so many rats in this country, only here we call then democrats.
  5. Got a call to borrow a gun

    Tell him to call 911. In times of trouble, the police will protect you.
  6. Panic buying at Shooting Supply in Westport, Ma. today.

    Panic buying is never a good idea. Keeping up your stock is the best way to make sure you have enough guns and ammo. When you see guns or ammo on sale, that's the time to buy.
  7. Gun permit applications surged nearly 1,000 percent in New York’s Jewish community

    1000% more people apply for a carry license, but only 2% will probably get them. N.Y. is not going to give a carry license to anyone who asks for one.
  8. Long-Gone Gun Shops of New England

    I remember Ivanhoe's. I bought my first revolver there, it was a S&W model10 with the tapered barrel. It cost me $95 bucks back in 1977.
  9. Top 2 guns you wish you NEVER bought?

    AMT Backup in.380 Rossi revolver, 38 special, 4" Both guns purchased back in the mid-1980s.
  10. NJ Passes Bill To Give Drivers Licenses To Illegal Aliens

    These are nothing more than legally sanctioned fake Id's.
  11. Ruger Files Lawsuit Against Smith & Wesson Over 10/22 Rifle Design

    For the average consumer, the question isn't about who copied someone else's design, that's a legal matter that should be decided in court. The real question here is, which .22 rifle is better.
  12. If you pray send some my way.

    Prayers coming your way.
  13. VA nurse who played video games while patient died gets one-year probation

    How sad. But what else can one say except that this is the American justice system.

    Welcome and thank you for your service. But with 5 years of military firearms experience, you should be showing us around.
  15. Could use a little actual thoughts and prayers.

    Prayers coming your way.
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