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  1. The "What concerts are you going to" Mega Thread

    Was there myself but I got there late and missed Phil which sucks!! Wish the openers were shuffled around so ministry opened.
  2. The "What concerts are you going to" Mega Thread

    Picked up tickets to a last leg of slayers tour with different lineup. Can't wait to see Primus again. Also never been to a show at Mass mutual center.
  3. EDC flashlight recommendations

    I have an Anker in the car now but after reading some independent reviews with actual light measurements etc. It looks like the ankers perform really poorly and the lumens etc stated are usually for an incredible short time and all sorts of stuff. I like my little light I bought but it's too...
  4. Savage 110 scout muzzle device

    Ok that sounds reasonable. It is definitely VERY loud with it on. I found that out the hard way lol. As for recoil reduction it's actually very nice to shoot as is.
  5. Savage 110 scout muzzle device

    So I have a Savage scout that is really just for the range. I don't hunt. One day the muzzle brake came loose and it got me thinking about replacing it. Is it even worth it? Anyone have a recommendation if so?
  6. Just got my dream job.

    I remember him driving around in a small car that looked like the Monopoly car lol
  7. Just got my dream job.

    This is amazing. I used to go up there a lot as a kid. The wolfman was definitely a part of my childhood. Can't wait to bring my kids up!
  8. Show your ride. Even Dodge products.

    I'm guessing the track he goes to has less straight aways etc.
  9. Warren no friend of Israel; glad that's out in the open

    While I agree with that I would also say it doesn't make me any less Jewish. It's 2019 religions have been diluted to the extreme. Especially if people are actually going to categorize me as Jewish before white or America Lol Oh and I've been to Israel granted it was 20 years ago. But just...
  10. Warren no friend of Israel; glad that's out in the open

    I have none of those things but I still identify as Jewish! Granted my father is Catholic and my mother is Jewish. I had a bar mitzvah but haven't been in a temple in 20 years. There is really reform , conservative and orthodox. Only orthodox really keeps kosher except for a few very strict...
  11. Warren no friend of Israel; glad that's out in the open

    Yes but it's still just people from a specific area. Just because the religion has been around longer and has better records doesn't mean it's the same as an ethnicity especially since there was never a country etc. I'd accept middle eastern for God's sake lol. The fact that you can choose to...
  12. Warren no friend of Israel; glad that's out in the open

    Lmao they're telling religion by DNA now! Read up on those DNA sites and how they decide to label and how accurate any of it even is. You really are crazy. So to you white only means Catholic? Lmao. I'm sorry that some religions were around before yours. But I'm sure most people don't say...
  13. Warren no friend of Israel; glad that's out in the open

    The fact that people here keep saying white and Jew like they're separate things is really crazy. It's a religion guys,one that some people have been born into but are not very active in. Just like a lot of modern Christian's outside of Christmas and Easter. I'm sure there are plenty of...
  14. Warren no friend of Israel; glad that's out in the open

    So what is a Jewish last name? Ending in stien or berg? I'm pretty sure they're not coming from Israel or a third world country ...Judaism is a religion so I don't see them replacing the white population lol wtf
  15. 7 killed , 3 hurt in motorcycle-truck accident in Randolph NH

    10,001+ lbs. you need a commercial inspection. I believe they just changed the law so you don't need commercial plates if only for personal use.
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