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  1. Hogg: "Our parents don't know how to use a ******* democracy, so we have to."

    Schools are teaching our kids how to be professional protestors, pathetic, just pathetic
  2. The sportsman den Quincy ma

    Just one more thing go onto the massachusetts firearms registration and transfer system, click on personal transfer and you will see the seller information as well as the buyer, look at the bottom and you can clearly see it has a spot for dealer license number this is how we are supposed to do...
  3. The sportsman den Quincy ma

    If we as dealers do not do an FA10 or EFA10 transfer we are in violation PERIOD, I don't know what else to say other than that, if I traded in or transferred a firearm to a shop without get some sort of paperwork than shame on me.
  4. The sportsman den Quincy ma

    Lets not confuse transfer to new owner and transfer from original owner to the shop, transferring your weapon to the shop is a different procedure than transferring to the new owner, we put it in our book as as acusition and goes out as a dispositon if you trade in a weapon to a shop without...
  5. The sportsman den Quincy ma

    If you did not get a copy of a numbered FA10 or a copy of the EFA10 then they did not do the transfer from you to the shop correctly, as for doing the federal and state forms that is done after the the firearm has been transferred to the shop, then it is transferred from the shop to the new...
  6. The sportsman den Quincy ma

    If you go onto mass firearms registration you will see a pin is required to do an EFA10 transfer, being a dealer we must have your pin number to transfer to the shop, the state will not accept an FA10 unless it has been provided by the CHSB. If you doubt this or have any questions you can call...
  7. softail817

    sure, send me pics

    sure, send me pics
  8. Sportsman's Den Summer Hours

    Want to let everyone know we are on our summer hours, open 7 days Monday-Friday: 8am-7pm Saturday: 7am-6pm Sunday 7am-3pm
  9. Sportsman's Den

    Hey guys, just wanted to throw up a pic of our gun department, we are constantly expanding, come in and check us out.
  10. softail817

    Mike, I set up account with interstate, what Item are you looking for, Ron

    Mike, I set up account with interstate, what Item are you looking for, Ron
  11. The sportsman den Quincy ma

    I do have a site, just started it,, but I have no idea what I'm doing, I can repair guns, build custom bikes, work on just about anything, but when it comes to these damn computors I'm lost...I got no problem admitting that..
  12. The sportsman den Quincy ma

    I fought the city of quincy for 3 years to get the licensing for this shop, I've been in business 14 years in quincy and I intend to stay, I will listen to you guys and promise you I will give you the best service and the best price I possibly can, this isn't only about making a buck too me...
  13. The sportsman den Quincy ma

    I also have 40 in reloads which is 15.99/box. ammo prices fluctuate depending on what brand we are able to get.
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    No trades, gun is on consignment

    No trades, gun is on consignment
  15. The sportsman den Quincy ma

    I do plan on putting together a dealer page, I also want you guys to know that if you see a better price elsewhere and I can match it or beat it I will, I'm flexible. I'm a shooter myself and look for the best deal I can get.
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