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  1. People who now want a gun but can't get them thanks to our laws

    She lost her home state. Campaign over and made my fn year. I'm very aware of who to and who not to vote for when it comes to 2A and more.
  2. People who now want a gun but can't get them thanks to our laws

    Disagree. Unenrolled here and 2 feet to the right of Atilla the Hun. I hate Betty the Fake Indian so much I pulled a Dem ballot and voted Bernie just to see her lose her home state.
  3. Weenies...

    Prefer grilled but all work. Usually Hebrew National but tried these recently. Pretty good.
  4. Baker Follows Feds on Firearm Retailers and Ranges

    Starts tomorrow (4/1) at noon
  5. Illegal aliens are demanding they too receive $1,200 in federal checks from the government

    Starve an Illegal, feed a cold. Get rid of both. 2fer.
  6. Trump mulls coronavirus quarantine NY,NJ,CT

    Pave Connecticut
  7. Replace outside water Faucet, that is stuck on

    Soldering is easy. Youtube.

    nice avatar. Used to own a 76 bonneville 750. Wish I still did.
  9. Well So much for Live Free or Die

    Gov watching too much CNN
  10. Glock trigger polishing

    Did the polishing on my G30 Gen 4 and would recommend it.
  11. 21 Million Chinese Cellphone Users Disappear in Three Months of Pandemic

    To quote my Chinese friend "All Asians Lie"
  12. Massachusetts National Guard being called up.

    Beer-√ Wine-√ Meat-√ Garlic-√ Ammo-√
  13. Tom Brady announces he's leaving the NE Patriots

    Belichick didn't want him
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