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  1. The President Trump Megathread

    Former secretary of state and Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said during an interview Monday with journalist Kara Swisher, “It literally makes me sick to my stomach” to think that President Donald Trump may be reelected in November. It's true. I have proof. I
  2. The President Trump Megathread

    Long Trump parade on 495 north today starting on cape and running into middleboro.
  3. Bill Clinton's "character"; why hasn't he been cancelled?

    Sacred - Nope. Cow - Yup.
  4. Baker with Biden ?

    Yup. He sucks. Just Biden pandering for middle of the road votes because he knows the polls are bs and he's f'd. Interesting he floated Charlie the jackass. Is Mass in play? That would be a damn riot.
  5. Baker with Biden ?

    Kasich, etc...Polls are bs
  6. Baker with Biden ?

    Biden looking for conservative votes. Must be worried the pools are bullshite
  7. mod please delete

    Born and raised. Live in Easton now but will put the cash right next to my marine magnum and assorted other stuff and deliver to the winner.
  8. Threatening letters sent to Trump supporters

    Say hello to my little friend. And his brother, sister, uncle, aunt, great grandmother and great grand father. And these are my friends...Say hello to them too.
  9. The President Trump Megathread

  10. the boss is leaving the building

    F him. His music sucks too.
  11. RBG Replacement Supreme Court Appointment megathread

    Agreed. Most certainly a quota scholarship at Stanford. The ability to catch a football helped.
  12. Trump stores
  13. Pence vs. Harris Debate

    You’re delusional
  14. Pence vs. Harris Debate

    Doesn't matter. It's law and order vs the commies and free shit.
  15. I think that I have discovered the origin of ANTIFA

    Bingo. Well said Hope you don't mind if I quote you at the next family dinner with my moonbat sister and her a**h*** husband.
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