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  1. New S&W M&P15 NJ legal need help..

    Go with YHM accessories. Hello there I have the M&P15OR (Optics Ready) and replaced the stock plastic handguard with a Yankee Hill Machine (YHM) carbine length forearm. The forearm has rails on all 4 sides and forms a continuous picatinny rail from the gas block to the upper receiver. The...
  2. Varmint Countor VS Heavy Barrel VS Bull Barrel

    Hello All Can someone please explain to me the difference between a varmint contour barrel, a bull barrel and a heavy barrel? Please include measurement specs (diameters) if you have them. Thanks
  3. Firearm Sale Scenario

    Please comment on the following scenario. Your input is appreciated: Jane Doe is an MA LTC Class A holder. She walks into XYZ gun store and sees a used (Like New In Box) Glock 22 manufactured in 2008 up for sale. The gun was sold to the dealer by an LEO. The sales staff informs her that the...
  4. AR-15 - Proper Lubrication

    Hello All Does anyone know the proper way to lubricate an AR? What parts does the manufacturer recommend be lubricated? Thanks
  5. Smith and Wesson M&P

    Wooooops!, Yes, I am referring to the EJECTOR and not the extractor. I apologize for the confusion.
  6. Smith and Wesson M&P

    Play between frame and extractor Does anyone's M&P have some play/movement between the extractor (shiny metallic part right in front-left side of the sear block assembly, (gun pointing away from self)) and the frame? Mine has about 1-2mm of play. Once again, I am refering to the extractor on...
  7. MA S&W M&P trigger pull

    FYI.. I called S&W to ask them what exactly was different between an MA trigger and a non-MA trigger. They replied saying the the ONLY difference was the sear housing block. The trigger return spring and all other springs were the same. I even called back a few times and talked to different...
  8. MA S&W M&P trigger pull

    Is your old one a non-MA block? Are there any legal issues with doing this?
  9. M&P semi-autos

    Hey Meth0d Just make sure it actually is you. My magazine would drop out under recoil, but it was due to the mag catch wearing out prematurely. I called Smith and they said they knew of the problem. The mag catches had not been hardened to the correct level and would therefore wear out...
  10. MA S&W M&P trigger pull

    Hey MattB Buy a non-MA model and swap your sear housing block with me. Youll get my heavy MA trigger pull which is what you want, and I can have the non-MA pull. Everybody is happy [smile]
  11. M&P trigger job

    I called S&W to ask them what exactly was different between the MA trigger and non-MA trigger and they said it was the 'Sear Housing Block'. Sadly enough, they wont ship it to customers. neither Midway nor Brownells have had any in stock for quite some time although they do list the part.
  12. Armorer/Gunsmithing Took Kit

    Hello All I'm looking to buy an all-round, high quality gun smithing tool kit. I'm looking to get a kit that has screw drivers, bits, drift punches, hammer etc... - something that I can use on almost any gun. Any ideas/recomendations? Thanks
  13. Question about S&W Armorer training...

    Armorer Listing Does anyone know of a S&W armorer listing? How do I find/locate a S&W armorer?
  14. Question about S&W Armorer training...

    I called S&W and they said you have to be LE in order to take the course. Such crap...Gun owners get the shaft.
  15. M&P trigger job

    Would anyone be kind enough to list these 'Standard' M&P parts for me? What parts do I need to replace? Is it the Sear assembly? Details appreciated! Thanks!
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