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  1. Runnings / Hinsdale NH

    Love that store, need ammo, a live chicken, an air hammer, and a gocart in one stop? It's all there.
  2. ATF Playlist

    Just this.. Cranked to 10 on the home stereo.. on a loop View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCLJA9Qjg60
  3. Pandemics Over

    I kind of like the masks, anything to make facial recognition harder is good in my book.
  4. Biden’s executive action

    Well thats cute, should be as effective as getting meth dealers to register as pharmacists.
  5. Moved out of Mass. Gov't Wants My New Address

    Everyone seems to think since nothing is ever removed it takes an entire state police barracks 3 days to sift thru it to find the history of a gun. Uhh no, it takes one line of code like.. $result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM guns WHERE serialnumber is = $serial ORDER BY recorddate ASC"); and...
  6. These are the roughly 200 business's whose leaders are backing gun control initiatives

    Ebay? I buy all sorts of gun crap and parts off of there.
  7. Canadian Court Rules Gun Maker Smith & Wesson Can Be Liable for 2018 Shooting

    If I ever get rear ended by a drunk driver I'm suing the driver, the dealer he/she bought the car from, the manufacturer, their mechanic, and the last gas station they got gas at. All those people should have been able to see the future.
  8. Facebook Booted Popular Virginia Second Amendment Advocacy Group

    ok, ill use google for you.... WEINSTEIN, MARK - FollowTheMoney.org Party # of Records Total $ DEMOCRATIC 27 $5,260 REPUBLICAN 1 $1,000 And just for fun... see that thing called "giffords PAC" down at the bottom.. Look up the purpose of that.
  9. Facebook Booted Popular Virginia Second Amendment Advocacy Group

    Mmmmm... MeWe CEO = Mark Weinstein = 19 time "biden for president" donor. I had an account there, then I read that, then 2 minutes later I no longer had an account there.
  10. Google Map of New England Gun Stores

  11. Wtf wareham pd

    She would send the PD's ignoring constitutional rights a shiny new wall plaque thanking them for finding a loophole to deny people the second amendment. Rethink your plan.
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