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    Up for grabs is this beautiful upper with a very low round count! I am selling this on behalf of a law enforcement friend of mine. He needs to get it sold ASAP! $750 for upper with ROMEO 7 Text Brendon for more information +1 (617) 851-3904 Located North Shore MA
  2. WTS /WTT VP9-B

  3. WTS /WTT VP9-B

    Bumpy bump
  4. WTS /WTT VP9-B

    Put 25 rounds through it, cleaned it, and haven’t touched it since lol… Looking for well maintained Glock 19, Thanks! Will sell for $575 LOCATION: North Shore MA ALL STATE AND FED LAWS TO BE FOLLOWED.
  5. WTS DJI Pocket 2 Camera

    Flawless condition, used literally once. $300 Located North Shore MA
  6. WTT AR Hand-guard

    Coooome on someone trade lol
  7. WTS Streamlight TLR-6 Flashlight 100 Lumen Solely for M&P Shield 9/40 🔦 🛡

    **Amazon ad said laser and flashlight but it is only flashlight!** As you can see bought in December 2020 for my shield. Shield is gone so now I’m left with this sitting in my drawer. Someone take it off me. It’s $105 on Amazon, $75 take it. I’m located anywhere around the north shore area...
  8. Lend a hand please

    Bro I bought Bitcoin in 2012……….. 🤔
  9. Lend a hand please

    I understand that this forum is probably all you have in your pathetic existence you call your life. Keep on marching my little soldier.😃
  10. Lend a hand please

    Uh oh, someone’s having a bad day! Thank you for calling me a dink, judging by your responses you’re a word that rhymes with bunt! Be well 😃
  11. Lend a hand please

    when I was growing up in the cold Alaskan tundra the first gun my father handed to me was a .44 mag desert eagle. Ripped my wrist off completely, go figure. I now have no right hand and am forced to shoot with my feet. Sure, I now have the foot dexterity of a full grown chimpanzee, but at what...
  12. Lend a hand please

    Thank you for all the kind words and suggestions! But I think we found us a winner 🤤 🤤 🤤
  13. Lend a hand please

    My brother is a resident of a free state (lucky dog) and is finally going to scratch the firearms itch…Talk about a guy who is CLUELESS about guns, he’s coming to little bro for some guidance (how the turn tables have turned). Anywho, I kinda want to steer him into a S&W M&P10…Why? I don’t know...
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