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  1. HK Guys (LEM Trigger)

    I have the P2000 DA/SA and a HK45c with LEM. I wanted a LEM on the P2000 but was told by HK support that it could not be done. If anyone has any know how in making the conversion work on the P2000 please send me a PM. I love the LEM trigger on the HK45c which is my current cc. Nice crisp...
  2. Sig Sauer X 5 tactical

    I sold one to a fellow member a few months back. Loved it and was hard to let go, but alas had to do it. PM sent.
  3. John Kelly

    I pulled into MF&G last year and John was the only one there. He came right up to me and said hi, and he showed me around the club and we had a very pleasant conversation. From the one time I met him, I can tell he was a gentle, caring guy who loved to help fellow firearm enthusiasts. RIP John.
  4. New Acquisitions for January 2010

  5. Tree Stands for short $$$

    And I was thinking you got a realllly nice X-Mas tree stand!
  6. Ball Ammo

    I've been shooting for years and usually just grab ammo when I need it and get whatever brand I can find at the store I happen to go get it. Recently I have been lightly reading posts about unclean ammo, steel & aluminum casings, etc. and has gotten me thinking about what I am putting through...
  7. Pumpkin Shoot pics......See what you missed!!!!

    Gotcha. It was a long shot, but the resemblance is uncanny. [grin]
  8. Pumpkin Shoot pics......See what you missed!!!!

    Blitz, never met ya but feel like I know ya....*shudders* [wink]
  9. Pumpkin Shoot pics......See what you missed!!!!

    Who is the petite woman with the long braided hair? She looks like someone I graduated with from high school. Are you from WMASS?
  10. which 1911 is the best bang for your buck?

    New: S&W (best bang for buck, new and MA compliant) Used: SA, Colt (best bang for buck used but will cost more than a new S&W in most cases in MA) Any 1911 can be modified to suite your needs by a competent gunsmith. I'd recommend Greg Derr for anything 1911.
  11. Should the law allow the use of deadly force to protect a person's property? the laws of Texas. OK, so I voted NO on the poll. I opened the thread, read the question, and my first thoughts were of some of those already mentioned. Now after reading the entire thread I must say, I was too quick to answer the poll. Especially after someone posted the TX laws...
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