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  • Glad you enjoyed hearing those WW2 recollections! Thank you for your service and your always entertaining posts!
    For my 13th I ass raped your mommy,,, old man,,, I almost could be your father. You need a beatin with the belt, boy. But I've lurked around long enough to see some of your quality threads, why don't you go bust somebody for lying about jump pay or something -- toolstein.
    WHy so hostile, dude? Disagree with me all you want but why are you getting nasty with me and making personal attacks?
    Kim, it was great getting a chance to speak to you, always a pleasure to speak to an "original herdsman" i sopke to dennis hill and gave your information so you will be hearing from him tommorow, he is as excited as me to get you squared away and especially reciving the benifits of mermbership you signed up for all those years ago, especially revieving your Sky Soldier magizine, when we finally hook up i will make sure you recieve some of the older ones i know are lingering around, great magizine that brings us all together stories of nam and the current conficts, the commings and goinings of all herdsman, you will not be dissapointed! a;right bro until next time! safe landings!

    All the way!
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