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  1. MA fishing license question

    Searched here, searched the state sites, can't find anything. Going fishing tomorrow, my father wants to come watch. Not to fish, just to hang out. For some reason I remember hearing that he'd still need a license regardless. Is that true? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Fishing a private pond

    Lol The pond is "spring fed" so I'm sure it's considered public. Seems like any body of water could be considered public if you can't prove it's not fed by underground streams etc.
  3. Fishing a private pond

    Thanks! Yeah that's the deal with my clubs, it's spring fed from some other river that's public
  4. Fishing a private pond

    Tried searching here. Tried the state website. No luck. Do you need your fishing license to fish a private pond on private land? My gun club has a fish pond that I was gonna check out with a buddy who doesn't have his license yet.
  5. Painting a Glock Slide

    Lol it did look good, until it met its holster.
  6. Painting a Glock Slide

    Never heard of that. Gonna have to google it
  7. Painting a Glock Slide

    I'm broke AF and don't have the resources to cerakote at home. Otherwise that's the route I'd go
  8. Painting a Glock Slide

    Yeah me either, they're pretty ugly to begin with. But I'm the 3rd owner of this 20 year old police trade in and the finish looks like shit.
  9. Painting a Glock Slide

    Looking for the best rattle can method for spraying a glock slide. I painted mine with high temp wheel paint and high temp clear coat and it was peeling within a week. I de greased it, sanded it, de greased again. Baked it, painted it, repeated. Any particular primer i could have used to help...
  10. Can't post in Classifieds

    Used to be able to. Can't anymore. Didn't get any PM or notification that I did something wrong to lose permission.
  11. Question Regarding Address Change

    Issuing authority and local PD are different as this is the 3rd time I'm moving since getting my LTC. So procedure isn't any different moving within the same town than it is moving to a new town. Thanks.
  12. Question Regarding Address Change

    Yeah I've moved a few times. My issuing authority isn't my local PD anymore.
  13. Question Regarding Address Change

    Thanks. Was just wondering if there's any difference moving from one town to another vs moving within the same town.
  14. Question Regarding Address Change

    At the end of the month I'm moving. Staying in the same town. When just changing addresses to you need to make the full notifications (local pd, issuing authority, FRB) or is just notifying the FRB sufficient?
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