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  1. AK/SKS questions

    I don't even have to get past a dozen replies before getting the urge to let loose flintoid and rain down on here like 80s Road Warriors tag team action.
  2. Marlboro 9/25-9/26

    Yep. Same company (Smith's) but I didn't recognize the guy. Even their stuff went up in price.
  3. Who is still a fan of gun shows?

    Nice catching up with you and Jim today.
  4. Marlboro 9/25-9/26

    Tombstone was one of the higher priced vendors I saw. The best selection and deals were from the guys with the wire racks full of AKs and ARs. Still a little more than what I'd like to pay but the best selection of the show. Glock frames at a price I almost snatched up. Ammo prices were into...
  5. Biden bans Russian Arms and Ammo

    I doubt it. Most people I know with them aren't running Russian ammo through them now as it is. Regardless of what happens with the Biden ban, there are way too many rifles that take 7.62x39, 7.62x54r, and 5.45x39 in America now for someone to not see an opportunity to make money here.
  6. Biden bans Russian Arms and Ammo

    They were limiting it to 4 early this morning when they first opened. I watched a guy try to buy 8, then I heard the owner say he was capping it at 4.
  7. Hungarian heavy ball 7.62x54r

    Anyone remember this stuff? From what I can tell its Hungarian heavy ball 7.62x54r with a steel core. I know the supply is dried up so I can't find much info on it.
  8. Balisong

    Benchmade. Had this one for a little over 30 years.
  9. Make America Free Again (Unless it rains) AR15 shoot 5/12/18

    This is not at Sippican Rod and Gun Club. It's being held at a private range on a large area of land in Rochester owned by Bradford Correia on Cushman Road. It's actually a really nice range, better than most in Massachusetts.
  10. Marlboro Jan 2018

    My biggest gripe about the show was that Terry Good from Collectors wasn't there. I guess he's not doing Mass shows anymore.
  11. Marlboro Jan 2018

    Saw quite a few pre ban ARs that were priced slightly more than what they used to go for. Saw a really nice Enfield sniper with original crate and goodies, but didn't bother asking how much because I wouldn't have been able to afford it anyway. Also spotted an original HK 91 for $3000 and a...
  12. Final Nail in the American Collection

    Thought I recognized it
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