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  1. Would this compensator fit?

  2. Would this compensator fit?

    Would this compensator: Fit this upper: It appears it would, but want to be sure, thanks for any help Also after pin/weld...
  3. About time

    Haha yeah I plan on money disappearing and guns appearing (but I'm fine with that haha) thanks for the welcome
  4. About time

    Finally went green after being on the forum for a year or so and actually just did my first group buy. Glad to contribute and be part of the forums - definitely a great Community, thanks to all Cheers
  5. LTC PIN number?

    The answer is you have to call your local PD
  6. Chances of ALP in Milton?

    congrats! It's unfortunate you had to go thorough the wait
  7. Lets have a beer

    Yeah, this is what I noticed in the writing of the law as well (god for bid we have a law that is clear). If they had said 'direct control' I think it would be clear, but control in general....jeez MA sucks
  8. Article on what to do if caught showing...

    If you take 12 random people, show them a person with a holster and the CCW badge (from say 10 feet away), and ask them to describe that person. What do you think they will say? Also not trying to be snide or rude, just making a point. I honestly believe they'd hit you with impersonating an...
  9. Lets have a beer

    I was searching and came across this thread (which was a good read) discussing drinking while CCW: link Now everyone was talking about right or wrong, legal or illegal, about having a beer while CCW - I really don't want to discuss that in this thread. Mass law states in Section 10H...
  10. Article on what to do if caught showing...

    I kind of like the idea of wearing a badge ("awesome citizen") on the holster for the purposes of calming someone down that happens to see your weapon. I'm sure they would be far less likely to call the police. The only problem I have with it is: 1) I'd kind of feel like a tool 2) If...
  11. Finally, buying my first handgun

    Thanks for everyone's comments Update - So after 5+ months I finally pick up my first gun, a M&P9 from First defense firearms in Uxbridge (awesome shop btw - employees were extremely friendly and helpful, I will definitely be back) Love the feel of this gun and can't wait to go shooting
  12. Finally, buying my first handgun

    I'll definitely have to check out the North Grafton Fish and Game - good to know there is a club so close by And yeah I'm sure once I get the first I'll be gathering a collection pretty quick, thats probably why (subconsciously) I haven't bought my first yet [rofl] I'll keep my wallet open...
  13. Finally, buying my first handgun

    I have sent out the appropriate notice to all 3 parties via certified mail (kudos to you for making sure and helping out!) Not a member of any clubs yet, I've spent some time at AFS in North Attleborough I do plan on finding something in the near future
  14. Finally, buying my first handgun

    It's crazy, had talked about firearms and gone to the range with a couple buddies for a while before finally going out and applying for my LTC. Few weeks later I get my LTC Class A with NR and its now 5 months later and still didn't pick anything up![shocked] Kind of mad at my self but life's...
  15. Grandfather passed away, has a 38 special

    Yes I do have my Class A NR Okay, so it looks like I will have to go through a FFL.. I'm not sure if the 38 special revolver is mass compliant so this might suck. I was hoping that since none of the 'direct heirs' can receive the firearm, I, who hold a license to carry, should be able to...
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