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    No such thing. We can't even get CCW here.
  2. Pre Ban 80% in CT

    Do yourself a favor. Don't move there.
  3. Are stripped lowers in CT legal?

    Like Ma. Nothing is legal in CT the Unconstitution State.
  4. CT out to slow gun purchases

    Connecticut Just Quietly Enacted New Gun Control and You Had No Idea
  5. Mossberg Leaving CT for TX

    Time for S&W and Yankee Hill Machine to do the same!!!!!!!!!
  6. Where is all the reloading powder??

    I get all mine at the Oaks PA Gun Show!
  7. MILLER: Smith & Wesson to stop selling guns in California due to microstamping law

    Bravo! Now if they just stop selling to law enforcement!

    I agree. Best thing for anyone to do at this point is move to a free state!
  9. Obama's Executive Orders Ignore Mental Health and Violence

    Exec orders are worthless unless voted on by both houses of congress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. New Gun Control Executive Orders

    "An executive order is any directive issued by the leader of the executive branch. They are usually used to direct certain tasks or actions to Cabinet members and other executive officers. Some executive orders even have the “force of law” when permissions are given by the Senate or House of...
  11. Is Froglube as good as I've heard?

    Do people still clean their guns!
  12. How much longer will the ammo shortage last

    Tables at the Oaks gun show in PA last week were stocked with .22!
  13. Is Froglube as good as I've heard?

    They all do the same thing except some are more expensive!
  14. How much longer will the ammo shortage last

    I was about to say that but I will add in my house there is an excess of ammo from reloading!
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