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  1. WTS WTS: 2019-2020 unsigned duck stamp

    I’m looking to sell a 2019-2020 duck stamp I bought accidentally. The stamp is on its way to me via mail, and will be ready to ship soon. This stamp expires in June of 2020, you could sign it and use it for hunting or keep it for your collection. $26 shipped.
  2. The goose hummock refused to transfer an SKS to me. That and the rifle.

    I’ve stopped by Goose Hummock a few times when I was in the area. I found a piece of shit spray painted Mossberg 500 for $450. That is when I knew this place was pure ass rape. I rather go to CGW or ODS. The fishing stuff was a shit show sweepstakes as well.
  3. S&W 642 holster?

    One of each because pants pockets differ. Pocket carry works best for me, I cannot stand jamming a gun between my slight gut/hip and my waist band. The other type of carry that matches pick carry in comfort is a shoulder holster. I carry a 4 inch K frame in a shoulder holster during the winter...
  4. S&W 642 holster?

    An Airweight J frame, in a pants pocket, is the most comfortable mode of carry. I use an uncle mikes pocket holster for mine. If you wanted to go the custom route, Mika makes a great leather pocket holster. Mika's Pocket Holsters
  5. Yang 2020 running on "gun safety"

    Who the f*** is this whack job?

    DA Examining Gun Laws After Man Allegedly Stocked Up On Ammo At Gun Show Without License
  7. Gun Cleaners/Oil - what are you using?

    All Ballistol for my sixguns and blackpowder. Ballistol and remoil for lube on my autos.
  8. Open Carry MA Experiences

    Rochester is a very pro second amendment town! However, I’m not ready to subject myself to the scrutiny involved when open carrying.
  9. Shoulder Holsters

    Emailed them
  10. Shoulder Holsters

    Do they make speedloader pouches in place of the mag holsters?
  11. Shoulder Holsters

    could anyone recommend a shoulder holster for a 4 inch K frame? I was looking at the Galco Miami Classic.
  12. The Truth about the Shutdown

    I think we will see the SHTF when food stamps run out. Millions of blood suckers will be forced to get jobs, or loot.
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