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  1. .45 ACP AR PCC Who's built one?

    I see that when I shoot my trapdoor. It's pretty awesome to see them lobbed down range.
  2. .45 ACP AR PCC Who's built one?

    Thanks for the new resource. I haven't heard of Wolfpackarmory.
  3. .45 ACP AR PCC Who's built one?

    I picked up a couple Grease Gun mags. Now I see how wide they are. I guess most people remove the reinforcement off of the lips and mag catch area to make them thinner. The AR mag well would still need to be widened slightly. Does removing the reinforcement cause any problems with the mag...
  4. a frustrating day - need help to sort it out.

    I was going to guess a loose scope mount.
  5. Bolt Catch Installation and Roll Pin Source

    The hardware section of any decent hardware store.
  6. 2021 harvard dates

    See you guys there as well.
  7. Is 9-round mag on pump shotgun legal in Mass?

    The three rules of gun ownership in Ma. 1. Don't talk about it. 2. Don't talk about it. 3. Don't talk about it.
  8. I'm looking for a small revolver with easy/light trigger for wife (arthritis is worse)

    Find an old S&W Model 10. Lighten the mainspring, then test with your sd .38spl loads. Done deal.
  9. 2021 harvard dates

    Would you consider setting up on Friday nights before the match? The uspsa matches are set up on Saturday mornings and it seems to work well. I bet we could get a handful of people that would commit to helping on a friday night. If it cuts into anyone's drinking time, we could meet for a beer...
  10. Trump/Nugent 2024

    Well, it's not like it's about who can do the job the best or anything.
  11. Trump/Nugent 2024

    No way anyone could win with Ted Nugent on the ticket. Now Trump/ Lewinsky, thats a winning ticket.
  12. AR Polymer80 Versus Forged 80%

    I was in the middle of typing when you replied!
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