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  1. Murphy's Law - TV just died....

    Is it LG brand TV? If so the exact same thing happened to me. 1 week before warranty expired. The screen was shot. They had to replace it, sent a guy in and he put a new screen on. Been ok for 6 months now. Won’t buy an LG TV again. Took them two weeks and a LOT of phone calls to get them in gear
  2. Market in the toilet who’s buying?

    I’m about a week from closing on a house. We started the negotiations almost a month ago. Not about to turn back now but definitely nervous.
  3. Proof a Lost Mysterious Ancient GLOBAL CIVILIZATION Spanned Nearly the Entire Planet

    Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson are great resources on this topic. Coherent, reasonable justifications for their theories with compelling evidence to boot. Worth looking into for sure.
  4. Hudson man arrested for shooting at a vehicle

    Not gonna click the link, but curious, was it road rage? Random? Fighting over money/girl?
  5. Ruger MK IV?

    I want an MK IV solely because it looks like a Star Wars blaster. It’s on my long, long list of to-be-purchased firearms
  6. Brookline Doctor Busted With Gun & Hooker

    You’re a hero, doc! This is a close runner up to the shovel AK for most legendary NES threads. Any others I should catch up on?
  7. Time to get real

    And don’t forget an AR! Be sure they mention “pre-Healy” (that means it’s super legal) And don’t worry about the $600 price tag for a lower. It’s worth it!
  8. Eminem recreates 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting in haunting new music video for song Darkness

    The only thing that bothers me about the new video is at the end there’s essentially this PSA demanding “gun control now”
  9. Eminem recreates 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting in haunting new music video for song Darkness

    Old eminem: “they wanna take away my right to bear arms, what, am I supposed to fight with bare palms?” New Eminem: whatever the f*** that was. Hack.
  10. Who wants $500,000?

    So your saying you didn’t win sh*t despite having Park Place and Boardwalk?
  11. Ruger introduces their take on the FN Five-Seven

    Meh, better than the “legendary” .22 Glock.

    You have to send fingerprint cards to the ATF. CLEO doesn’t need to sign off on anything. But you are supposed to send him a notification that you are building one. It’s on one of the forms, on the page (top or bottom, I forget) it will say “CLEO COPY”. Send him that.
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