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  1. NJ AG So full of sht - sends letter to Ghost Gun manufacturers...

    I just bought a polymer80 glock frame as my own little f*k you after I read this letter last week. Basically, nj forbids anyone to manufacture a weapon in the state without a manufacturers license. So what you do is drive over to PA or DE where you don't need a license, do whatever you need to...
  2. NJ - Gets New Gun Laws with a stroke of a pen (Phil Murphy)

    Correct. That law is focusing on carry permit, not purchase permits for handguns. It was already impossible to get a permit anyway so this really did not change anything. I currently live in Jersey City along the waterfront. It's a nice area but as these new bars pop up, it's starting to draw...
  3. Has a decocker ever failed for you and fired a live round?

    My decoker on my 92FS broke a couple years ago. No impact to the gun safety. It actually let me carry the gun with the hammer cocked back while the "safety" was on. Since the firing pin is rotated, it has zero chance of going off. Eventually I had it fixed
  4. Healey "closing the loophole" letter to gun dealers

    I moved in NJ back in 09 so its been a long time since Ive logged on here. My family lives in MA still so I like to stay in the loop with this stuff. Ive been calling and emailing the governor and reps as well. Def got a few "wtf is NJ calling me" responses at first haha. I wish I could show up...
  5. your carry gun

    Beretta 92FS w/ Federal Hyrda HP in IWB Don Hume
  6. Best Defense Ammo for Beretta 92FS?

    I use the Federal Hydra-Shock HP rounds and it works like a charm in my 92
  7. Going to Texas, weapon storage and carry questions!

    Yes you can leave your guns and ammo with your dad while you are gone. The only thing you will need in Texas is to look up there own carrying laws. From what I have read, there are more no-carry areas than MA.
  8. Chicago Pols and Gun Laws

    I used to live in Chicago and I think MA would actually lose this battle. The politicians there are scum of the earth.
  9. Good (but cheap) air rifles?

    That is the trigger I bought. Its amazing how much better the trigger feels over the original one
  10. Good (but cheap) air rifles?

    I have the same gun. Replace the trigger and use some of the heavier pellets and you will have a very accurate gun.
  11. Been Offline for a While...But this is RIDICULOUS!

    I have an apt in NJ and I'm down here right now. If you want to ship them here, I can bring them up to MA in time for Thanksgiving. I live in Mansfield so I'm close by.
  12. Got my PA Non-Res Permit in... NH now in... UT just arrived today!

    Mine took 10 days but they were in the middle of switching systems or something when I applied. It is still very impressive though. Everything you need to do is here. Really simple.
  13. Utah Licences Non-Resident

    Many states (I forgot the exact amount) honor Utah's LTC which will give the holder the ability to carry in all of those states.
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