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  1. Got pulled over yesterday; first time while carrying.

    Please stop, he is on a roll. His posts are now my favorite part of the thread so far!
  2. Got pulled over yesterday; first time while carrying.

    Your disappointing the people here who want to read that the cop was a complete shitbag but you conducted yourself in a manner to avoid unnecessary drama so job well done
  3. Preferred 5.56 SBR length

    Stupid question probably but doesn't anything less than 10.5 beat on the BCG and gas tube/block much more? Not that it would matter too much for the amount of rounds for an average shooter but is there any truth in this?
  4. Would you clear a squib this way?

    Remember if it's done by the Israelis or Navy Seals it will catch on to the newest trendiest thing
  5. She asked for it…so she got it

    Fact I believe back in the 50's it was widly accepted to slap your wife across the face to make her "come to her senses", currently in the Middle East a woman is considered a prime target for physical abuse by a man if they feel like it, which is a far cry from stoning them to death if they...
  6. She asked for it…so she got it

    I been hit 3 times by girlfriends, 2.5 times I'd say I deserved it, the one that really sticks out is when I came home at 4AM, slept for 2 hours and when I got up.for work I had my back to her getting clothes out of the bureau and WHACK right across my back with an empty plastic clothes basket...
  7. She asked for it…so she got it

    No doubt, that's city shit right there. As much as I know she deserved it and is a straight ghetto bitch, I do admire her for fighting back after that devastating upper cut though 🤣🤣🤣
  8. She asked for it…so she got it

    My exact first thought as well 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  9. She asked for it…so she got it

    I just can't get behind a guy hitting a woman but I'd be lying if I didn't laugh my ass off though 🤣🤣🤣 The Asian newscaster has never seen violence I'm guessing lol
  10. Resident Shoots and Kills 1 Suspected Intruder and Wounds 3 Others During Home Invasion - Jacqueze & Taneaious

    From the names in the title I was wondering why some country I never heard of was being mentioned As the story goes over and over again, don't do a home invasion and this shit won't happen
  11. Trudeau lays down the hammer

    Do you honestly believe that? Do you realize there are millions of AR15's alone in the hands of Americans, let alone hunting rifles? There is no possible way they could enforce a gun grab like that, they don't have the recourses or the stomach for that type of bullshit, not to mention some...
  12. Something personal

    "Something Personal........... Went down in NH this morning" "Something Personal went down in NH this morning" Got it lol
  13. Something personal

    "Something personal" as your title says leads people to believe you know more than your posting lol Do you know any of the people involved is a fair question
  14. Vermont Deputy shot 10 times by police after being attacked by armed men

    The fact that he is LE just maximizes the stupidity on his part for not dropping the gun, I'm Pro "Good LE" but I can tell you with the utmost certain truth that the last person I would ever want to see is a cop if and when I ever had a gun in my hand and they are rolling in hot, they don't know...
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