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  1. How long did your LTC-A take in your town???

    69 days in westfield virtually all waiting for the city. Recieved LTC A no restrictions. I work 3rd shift so off to bed and then gun store in the AM [smile]
  2. How long did your LTC-A take in your town???

    I have been trying to forget about the whole process while waiting for my LTC but nearly impossible. a month and still hasn't gotten past the town level in Westfield [thinking]
  3. .338 lapua

    found out cabelas has herter's .338 lapua in stock online. ordered 5 boxes site to store should be able to pick them up next week. i have a box of 100 hornady bullets so now i will have casings to reload once i get a press and rest of the reloading stuff. should be a fun time next weekend with...
  4. .338 lapua

    anybody have any idea where i might be able to get some .338 lapua mag today? picked up a savage 110 fcp for my birthday today but cant find any ammo.
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