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  1. Magpul 10/22 Hunter vs Backpacker stock

    I have the backpacker and love it. Plenty of storage and transports easily.
  2. WTS 12 gauge shot shells

  3. WTS 4/ General Altimax artic tires

  4. WTS 12 gauge shot shells

    Location pepperell Description :25 vintage 12 gauge shot shells. Few different types Accessories :none Selling Terms :ftf Price :25 cash Contact Informationpm here Pictures: (optional) Statement of Legal compliance: I will comply with all Federal and State Laws. If the firearm is to be...
  5. WTS 4/ General Altimax artic tires

    4/ altimax artic tires , 215 /55 r17 tires. These came off a Honda Accord. They have approx. 500 miles on them. There also able to be studded.320cash obo Pm here. I’m in the Pepperell area.
  6. More police protecting and serving

    THIS X100
  7. It's Time....

    Good luck to you!!
  8. Hunting for a miter saw

    Sorry, no help. I have the rigid 12” on the stand which makes a world of difference. Good luck
  9. Chain saw Brain-picking

    If you’re around the Pepperell/ Groton area you can have this. Brand new and I don’t have any 16” saws. Pm if you want it
  10. Two more former criminals with guns

    Well done , sir!
  11. Free foraging walk 8/22/20 at north brookfield sportsman club

    Damm, I’m sorry I can’t make this.
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