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  1. Installing TruGlo Night Sights at the Mill

    Nothing? I had Nick at NH Guns and Ammo install them on my CZ75BD and CZ Omega. Hoping to save the trip to Londonderry.
  2. Installing TruGlo Night Sights at the Mill

    Thanks Jack, that was the plan. either that or I'll email Randy.
  3. Installing TruGlo Night Sights at the Mill

    Is there anyone at the mill who can install Truglo TFX Pro sights on my CZP10C?
  4. Intro to IDPA/Harvard

  5. New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell (D) signed a coronavirus emergency order last week allowing her to ban the sale and transportation of firearms

    f*** her, I spent a month there after Katrina thanks to Mittens Romney and the NOPD were nowhere to be found.
  6. Intro to IDPA/Harvard

    signed up for the class on 26 April. Shot a few matches many years ago but figured I'd take advantage of this class. Hope for good weather.
  7. East Hartford Man Sentenced to More Than 8 Years in Federal Prison for Gun Trafficking, Drug Dealing

    and the DOJ wanted to sentence Roger Stone to 8-12 yrs for "lying" to Congress.
  8. Bill Maher blasts gun-sales spike during outbreak: 'So American ... I'll shoot the virus!'

    Bill still hasn't gotten over his mocking of Ann Coulter on his program when she predicted Trump's win in 2016. He and his other Lib guests mocked and ridiculed her to her face and later had to eat crow. Remember, Bill stated he would gladly root for a economic recession if he resulted in a...
  9. Millbury PD refusing to process LTC's due to coronavirus

    are cities going to suspend applications for SNAP bennies and welfare signups? Total BS, when will they issue extensions for LTC's?
  10. Dick's now hates FUDDs too.

    f*** Dick's, they sold out and are planning on soccer moms to keep profitable. I recently retired and would like to start fresh water fishing again but won't even enter Dick's. I guess that leaves Bass Pro for fishing gear. Any recommendations in the Leominster area?
  11. share this and make libtards heads explode

    I can't wait for Trump to be re-elected so I can place TRUMP 2024 bumper stickers on my RAV4. THAT will make liberals heads explode.
  12. Anyone buying a Coronavirus Gun

    went to the Commissary at Hanscom AFB yesterday and they were rationing TP and paper towels. WTF? I talked to one of the managers and she just rolled her eyes and laughed.
  13. ‘You’re Full of Sh*t!’ Joe Biden Argues With Voter Who Accused Him of Trying to Take Away Guns

    Poor Crazy Uncle Joe, he's so confused. Trump will destroy him in debates.
  14. 2015/2017 Mustang GT Premium

    HUH? Do it yourself?
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