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  1. 4 year olds dies from gun dropping while wrestling with his father

    I doubt it just went off from being dropped. It probably went off in an attempt to catch it or pick it up. This has happened before.
  2. Trump doesn't like suppressors, update post 69, he's considering ban

    Trump is an idiot and has always been an idiot. He's not evangelical and he doesn't give a crap about guns. The only good thing he's ever done is beat Hillary Clinton. All we can hope to get out of him is a good SCOTUS.
  3. Questions about getting gun license in lowell ma

    I have a buddy who has a battery charge from when he was in a fight when he was 19 years old. Even though he has had a LTC for 25 years, the last time he tried to renew he was denied because they added all the old records to the the computer data base.
  4. If you knew you were headed in to a gun fight...

    My EDC is a .380 so I would switch to my Glock 26 with two mags. I also own a full size 1911 but capacity trumps caliber in my mind. Also the Glock 26 shoots so nice and easy. I don't EDC the glock because it's too damned fat and heavy.
  5. Apendix and striker fired

    The original NY trigger was because of accidental discharges. That was back in the 90's I think.
  6. Hawkins: New Zealand Gun Ban a Lesson in How It Could Happen Here

    Keep telling yourself that. The States that are loosening up laws are the all in favor States. Every year more states are moving to crack down.
  7. Help me understand Maura's 7/20/2016 ban on "Assault" weapon

    How she did this and got away with it I just can't understand.
  8. Apendix and striker fired

    An extra lbs is HUGE if the difference is between 5.5 and 6.5 or more. That's 20%. Look at the difference between a 3.5 and a 5.5 lbs trigger. If glock is now using 7 lbs triggers do have to wonder why? They made the NY trigger 8lbs just because the cops in NY city were shooting themselves with...
  9. Hawkins: New Zealand Gun Ban a Lesson in How It Could Happen Here

    It's happening here. State by State. The noose gets tighter all the time. Who would've ever thought that one state is allowed to buy a model of gun and another could not? If you have a license to carry a firearm, why aren't you able to purchase any federally legal gun covered under that license...
  10. "classic self defense"

    The thing to take away from all this is always walk away. Especially in these fascists states like Pa and Ma. He had an argument with his ex and it got physical. They were probably fighting over what kind of cereal the kid ate for breakfast and this guy spent 15 months in jail for it.
  11. Disappointed in first time trying to Conceal Carry

    9mm kills the body......45 ACP kills the soul.
  12. Apendix and striker fired

    I was only mentioning Glock because they have those guns with 5.5 lbs triggers. S&W M+P's have a 6.5 lbs trigger for instance.
  13. Apendix and striker fired

    The trigger is like pulling a rock! Have you ever shot a 442 revolver? You can spin that gun on your finger like an old west single action peacemaker! It's gotta be 10 to 12 lbs.
  14. Apendix and striker fired

    My Glock 26 generation 2 breaks at about 5.5 lbs. I'm sure the Glock in the video didn't just go off. His shirt was probably in the trigger guard. A gun with a safety, this doesn't happen. Again I have a glock. I don't hate them. I also have a 1911 and a revolver and DA only auto's. They all...
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