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  1. Another respiratory virus from China (Coronavirus Megathread)

    I printed that mask with PETG mostly from academic interest. I tried it on myself and seal was very good, better than I could achieve with any respirator or mask I tried before. But it did not seal well for my wife and kids. That mask accepts HEPA filters from air purifiers available in N95-N99...
  2. Another respiratory virus from China (Coronavirus Megathread)

    My sister was told she most likely had corona and there was no need to waste a test on her.
  3. Coronavirus Prompts NH Governor To Issue 'Stay At Home' Order

    What about gun stores? I do not see them in either list.
  4. Baker shutting us down on Tuesday

    Wait, do they actually shut down ranges? And people are telling me not to panic?
  5. Another respiratory virus from China (Coronavirus Megathread)

    I agree it is better than nothing. Another issue with printable plastic masks is it is extremely difficult to clean them because of how printing process works. It creates a very porous surface. You can print a bunch of them and after you use one leave it for a week or more to let virus die on...
  6. Corona Virus Local SITREP Thread

    Apple Pay is not a good option if you wear a mask and gloves - FaceID would not recognize your face and you can’t type password. For this reason I had to use a credit card in my last food store run.
  7. Corona Virus Local SITREP Thread

    Aspirin is an NSAID
  8. Another respiratory virus from China (Coronavirus Megathread)

    it will not eliminate all travel, but it will reduce it. I read flights from London to USA doubled in price an hour after Trump’s announcement, the price alone will stop many leisure travelers.
  9. Another respiratory virus from China (Coronavirus Megathread)

    There was an article on BBC about two weeks ago where they said you get a bill for $3,600 just for a CDC test if you do not have medical insurance. BBC has it’s agenda where they always try to show how bad US healthcare is compared to British, but unlike most American networks they don’t usually...
  10. Holyoke police arrest 2 dressed as cops in armed home invasion

    Not disagreeing with you, but how will you know a fake search warrant from a real one?
  11. Massachusetts AG Healey sues Trump Administration over 3D-printed guns

    Google “Tec 9 receiver stl”, first result will lead you to open source repository with almost 2gb of goodness with stl/step files for dozens of firearms.
  12. NES/MFS August Giveaway

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