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  1. MIM fender telecaster deluxe!

    Exc cond Mexican Fender Telecaster Deluxe. Black/ maple. HH. vvg. Includes 2 extra pick guards and fender soft case. $800
  2. How To Shoot Eighteen .22LR Rounds At One Time

    The 22 barrels were also smooth bore.. so just a hair more accurate than the average mini-14
  3. How To Shoot Eighteen .22LR Rounds At One Time

    I had one of those when I had my M79. they are fun. But fussy. I don’t think I ever got it to shoot all the rounds at the same time. but it didn’t matter.. it was a hoot!
  4. MAK 90 straight cut folder conversion. Thoughts?

    if you‘re in mass do you need to worry about 922r and evil features?
  5. String of break-ins in Newton, MA has residents on edge

    not that it would ever make it past the censors and into the press.. but it should prove a wake up call for some that as they call 911 to say there is a person in their home. and realize it will take the police 15 minutes to get there..
  6. WTS Russian TIGR scope

  7. Atn 3-9 x 55 .223 BDC

  8. WTS Rossi Ranch Hand/ mare’s leg 357

  9. House Passes Democrat Bill Criminalizing Private Gun Sales

    Does this mean Mass shuts down e-fa10 portal? at that point No more ftf. And far fewer maSS non complainant pistol FFL transfers?
  10. CPAC: Watch Wayne LaPierre LIVE today at 12:30 p.m.

    The NRA has become the equivalent of the teachers unions.. they just don’t seem to really care about anything other than growing themselves..

    So a Glock that mags cost $150/ea?
  12. WTS Rossi ranch hand 357

    It‘s a pistol. But cross posting here. rossi ranch hand. 357 fussy about ammo and could use some some work. but frikken awesome. $1000 all rules apply
  13. WTS Russian TIGR scope

  14. Atn 3-9 x 55 .223 BDC

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