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  1. West Springfield Gun Show

    Stopped going here years ago decided to give it another shot (no pun intended) Not really worth it and I get free parking due to being a town resident. Too Crowded to be able to look things over good. With all the empty space towards the back of the building I think they should of spread it out...
  2. West Springfield Gun Show

    Have to agree. This time of year not a lot to do. Also do meet a lot of old friends. I'll go this time. Haven't been in years but the Big E gives town residents free parking to all events except the Fair itself so heck I'll fork over the entrance fee. LOL
  3. West Springfield Gun Show

    +100 Right you are. Also will give a chance to see a larger variety of guns since just getting into it probably hasn't seen or handled a lot and gives them a chance to meet some of the dealers and decided for themselves if they want to do business with them. While I don't feel the guns shows...
  4. West Springfield Gun Show

    Some of the regular dealers there are good and not gonna sell you junk. Just ask around here which venders the members feel they can trust. Myself Two local stores are pretty good. AAA guns and Guns N Parts. It would be a one stop hit a bunch of dealers trip. Ya the show ain't what it use to be...
  5. West Springfield Gun Show

    The fact that they charge for parking has cut into the show attendance a lot beside the high rates that are charged for the vendors. I use to go to everyone show they had for guns but stopped going awhile back. I live in town and residents do get a sticker for free parking there but even then...
  6. Black Friday / weekend deals on ammo ?

    Think I'll just sleep in and avoid the crowds. Have my coffee then start reloading with all the heads I just got. Less stress and more bullets then. hehe
  7. Advice on 45

    I will have to say I haven't had any issues with my Para Ord single stack LDA. Love the trigger too. (once you get use to it)
  8. 45/70 bullets

    45-70's are awesome. I use to collect them. Rarest I had was a Remington Lee Navy Bolt action in 45-70 looked just like the 303 Enfield. Never casted my own bullets though. Just bought them and reloaded. Nice living not to far from the Springfield Armory to research some of the stuff. Regret...
  9. Downloadable Targets

    Cool thanks. My printer can do 13 x 44 ( usually only do 13 x 19 though) so the more types I can print the better. Thanks again.
  10. Downloadable Targets
  11. Found some old pics from when I served

    Makes a hell of a cigar lighter. Dash mounted too. LOL Now if I had that on my MC when people cut me off I could umm respond better.
  12. Found some old pics from when I served

    The French mounted one of those on Vespa's LOL After World War II, there was little money for defense spending while the nations of Europe rebuilt their industry and society. When there was some cash to spend, one had to be creative to stretch it as far as possible. The French probably...
  13. Any Pilots Around?

    Ah yes Carrier Landings. A whole world in itself. Would be the best of the best IMHO
  14. Found some old pics from when I served

    My pleasure. Mine were sitting 42 yrs and in sad shape. If you do have a special one that you want me to try and fix. Shoot me a line. I can fix most but no miracles. LOL Last two I played with.
  15. Found some old pics from when I served

    Mr.Twigg Hope you don't mind. I fixed up your old photos just a bit. I know the ones I had from 68 were in sad shape since storage wasn't a big concern years back. Hate to see old memories not as vivid for future generations to see.
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