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  • thanks if i say anything i will only say stuff that everyone already knows that the papers said and how i am out and guns legal i am not saying stuff like be4 or explain in detains thanks
    hey there Rick,
    (hehe i called u rick:p) just fyi,under ur tab "About Me" you forgot to write worlds most amazing dad <3 [smile] hehe
    Hi Rick,

    This is John Cooper behind the GreyWolfJDC handle. Sorry, I should have put that in the request.

    Great Class, my boys and I are looking forward to shotgun instructor.

    You did an awesome job with the PPIH class on Sat. As always I learned a lot - you were right about getting back home and seeing things differently !! Made several changes already.

    Steve Sullivan
    Hey buddy,
    It was nice meeting you tonight. I wanted to chat some more about your club but didn't get the chance.
    Can I set up a tour time?

    I work with youth too.

    I have two girls with one on the way. Your daughter is very outgoing and sweet. You must be a proud daddy!

    Did I miss something? Some of the posts I have replied to just disappear...... I can't find them anywhere. I've checked under my settings, and it doesn't show that I even subscribed to the post I replied to...... I must be an idiot, I can't find them anywhere. My other thought was that it's just that bad with the censorship....... idk??
    did u see the post about the 11 year old who got a arrested for throwing a toy at her dad who called the police on her
    Hey Rick,

    I would be very interested in taking all the classes, however I have an issue with the first day. Is there any work around?

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