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  1. Surging Gun Sales and Shelter in Place Orders Make a Dangerous Mix for Domestic Violence

    "The Trace," i.e. Bloomberg's Anti-Gun News. Why am I not surprised?
  2. Target Sports Delivering Again

    A ton? A ton of 5.56 is 71,428 rounds. I’m impressed.
  3. Target Sports Delivering Again

    I have no solid evidence to back this up, but it seems that full-case orders ship much faster than "mixed bag" orders. I've noticed my full-case orders are out the door almost same-day; I've got a "3 boxes of this, 2 boxes of that" order that's still waiting on a tracking number, long after my...
  4. Trijicon MRO Experiences?

    MSRP $920 (no mount) to $980 (lower 1/3 mount).
  5. Trijicon MRO Experiences?

    Trijicon MRO HD. Woof! That boy's pricey.
  6. I was sent this this morning. You should read it incase you didn't know these things.

    Wow. A non-attributed post from "a doctor" on Facebook. Well, that's got to be valid, right? They can't post bullshit to Facebook, right? And, this one time, at band camp...
  7. FAA grounds future “Wings of Freedom” flights, cites lack of training, maintenance prior to fatal B-17 crash at Bradley

    Yeah, that's never good...
  8. Gov. Janet Mills’ administration closes Kittery Trading Post, a leading firearms retailer, using emergency powers

    The shit I learn on NES that has nothing to do with guns is staggering.
  9. DSA Road Trip

    Handles are for purses and lunchboxes
  10. Northeast Shooters 15th Anniversary

    This reminds me of my attitude over my last 14 years here: New forum format Me: "God, this new format sucks. I'll never get used to it. I liked the old one better." Next new forum format Me: "God, this new format sucks. I'll never get used to it. I liked the old one better." Next new forum...
  11. Quality ammo for MG42?

    Most, if not all, surplus 8mm Mauser ammo is corrosive, not just Eastern European stuff. There were small lots of non-corrosive surplus on the market a while back, but that's dried up. Your best bet for non-corrosive 8mm is commercial like PPU. A quick check on shows the cheapest...
  12. Pornhub Offers Free Premium Service To Everyone

    Ewww... Just...eww.
  13. Coronavirus Prompts NH Governor To Issue 'Stay At Home' Order

    Guidance just issued from the NHAG's office. There's a whole 33-page document, but here's the money shot.
  14. Trijicon MRO Experiences?

    Huh. Never noticed any problems with parallax, and I've shot at 100 yards a lot. Maybe because I never shot in odd positions, i.e. always from a conventional stance, I just never noticed it. Interesting. Now I'm going to have to see if I can "force" any by moving my head around.
  15. Any one want an armslist chuckle?

    The World Famous "50 rounds!"
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