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  1. Massachusetts Rifle Association - Woburn, MA

    They are as of now :mad:
  2. Fun facts about Amazon current shipping priority: order AR15 parts, you'll get it this week. Order iPhone Screen protector, wait till April 21

    Any screen protector. Does Bezos know something that we don't?
  3. Corona in Israel: Netanyahu ordered the Shabak (Shin Bet) to monitor citizens' cell phones for movement

    I know that there is a lot of "love" for Bibi Netanyahu among U.S. conservatives. Mark Levine is one of the most vocal pro-Bibi voices, blindly at times. It is very popular to compare Bibi to Trump (media is against him, the left is trying to derail him, etc). There are major differences though...
  4. If you're in the market for a new car, I suspect the next 2-3 weeks is what you've been waiting for

    Went to a dealer today for service. The place, which is usually packed on Saturdays, was like a ghost town.
  5. And just like that... city in Illinois uses the Coronavirus to heighten Gun Control methods

    Champaign IL Declaration of Emergency
  6. Who's Participating in the 2020 Census...?

    Not so sure about the name. I also received mine today and did some research, read about a constitutionalist from NC who mentioned that you are only required to provide number of people who live in the house, so that's what I did. Put something to the extend of "not your business" for names, and...
  7. Fauxcahontas is out!

    Yeah, but we all know very well that the idiots of this state would re-elect her had she run for the senate tomorrow morning.
  8. Walmart Doorkeeper Rant

    Of course they do. Again - it seems like you are implying that I said "they have the right to forcefully stop you". I never said that. Asking to see a receipt - whether you are going to do it or not - is still enforcing their "policy" in their eyes.
  9. Just got a text message from the Warren campaign

    I did two. And I replied. And yesterday a young Bernie communist knocked on my door. I started laughing before he could even open his mouth.
  10. Walmart Doorkeeper Rant

    Enforce policy means they are free - and have the right - to ask to see your receipt, I didn't say they have the right to stop you (physically).
  11. Walmart Doorkeeper Rant

  12. Walmart Doorkeeper Rant

    Of course they can. You can refuse and keep walking, but they have the right to ask for it while you are on their property. And you can then elect to never set foot in that place again.
  13. Walmart Doorkeeper Rant

    About?! The fact that it's a private property and if you don't like their policy you are free to not doing business with them? Again - I hate it as much as anyone else here, just stating the facts.
  14. Walmart Doorkeeper Rant

    While this policy is stupid and annoying: 1. It's a private property, they have the right to enforce any policy they wish. 2. I did not see anyone here complain about receipt check in Costco, BJ's or Best Buy.
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