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  1. One of our own lost his home to a fire

    Done. So sorry.
  2. The President Trump Megathread

    I don't even bother with all of the twitter going on here, done even trying to open/hang.
  3. Called out for not wearing a mask

    Sorry Prep, auto windshields block almost all UV radiation by design. The other windows dont block much UV at all.
  4. The President Trump Megathread

    Spray on hair?
  5. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    I often do that, but not google. Dogpile or duck duck go.
  6. The President Trump Megathread

  7. The President Trump Megathread

    This interview was mentioned today, but not the one aired today. The same lines of thought with more conviction and referring to evidence today. The call ended suddenly, Howie said that it wasn't by the station. I hope it gets posted.
  8. The President Trump Megathread

    I didn't catch the entire interview due to a.m. static in a bad reception area(phone left at home). Basically details about the ballot counting software being subverted, as well as the amount of real evidence that has been collected. This is yuge amounts of useful, corroborated, and proven facts...
  9. The President Trump Megathread

    Did anyone catch L. Lin Wood's interview on Howie Carr today? VERY interesting!!! He discussed this same info. Also dropped many truth bombs, one of which cut off his call, not by himself or Howie. After listening to him I really believe Mr. Trump will make it through all of this unheard of...
  10. Iconic Seafood Restaurant for sale

    Yep, looks like Markey's patio, the blue posts march.
  11. Thanksgiving Spreads

    I have no relatives besides my 3 children, 2 of them go to their inlaws for dinner, and then we all meet up for the real fun. The same mostly for Christmas. It's all good, Grandkids, desserts, cheer, and love.
  12. Corona Virus Local SITREP Thread

    First world problems! When I was a kid all pistachio nuts were dyed red. That meant fingers were dyed red from opening them!
  13. The President Trump Megathread

    Time to start pumping up this pic [rofl]
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