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  1. Chamfering GP100 cylinder

    I know it's not the answer you requested but it's actually pretty easy to do on your own with a simple chamfering tool you can order from a distributor like Brownells or the like. I did a few of my revos.
  2. Pre ban Glock square notch mags

    No ambi notch. No worries. Impossible for either Glock or the State to determine..
  3. Site problems?????

    sHORTY what the hell dude! :)!! Kidding. Not experienceng any problems here.
  4. Russian Roulette with semi-automatic gun leaves 1 teen shot in head

    Russian roulette with a semi auto? Sound like a loosing proposition to me. Thems some bad odds. Depending on the gun.
  5. What is your oldest gun?

    Cool guns. [thumbsup] Like the op says. Open to all. Really hoping to see someone's ancient Chinese hand cannon center piece under glass [laugh] but I'm not going to flame anyone for posting something modern.
  6. What is your oldest gun?

    Completely open to any and all categories or types. Who on NES has the oldest? Pics very welcome. Here is my oldest. Springfield model 1816 musket passed down from my father.
  7. Best/Most Reliable backup rifle in 556/223?

    Reliable 223 that's not an AR or anything mentioned already? I'm thinking Israili Galil. Expensive and few and far between but I think it qualifies for the thread.
  8. Just wanted to introduce myself ....

  9. Merry Christmas NES'ers

  10. Bag of Ammo Found in Dorchester Trash Can

    Yup. Reloads found in the house from the 70's. Tossed discreetly in the trash to avoid trouble. I'm sure the residents of Dorchester know better than to involve the po's
  11. Birthday home invasion

    [rofl] .
  12. New member

    Yeah, we'll take good care of yah. The first ones free right?[laugh]
  13. Where can I find a Benelli M4?

    Oh crap. Could of sworn it was bumped recently. [laugh] Couldn't hurt to make a call. I'll look again. Edit: it was this one. https://www.northeastshooters.com/vbulletin/threads/296033-Salient-Arms-Benelli-M4-Never-fired?highlight=Benelli+M4 $5000. [rofl] I mean drool but.... I'd...
  14. Where can I find a Benelli M4?

    https://www.northeastshooters.com/vbulletin/threads/269134-Benelli-M4?highlight=Benelli+M4 Florida? Shipped to your FFL
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