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  1. WTS CCI Blazer 9mm ammo

    For Sale: 1 case of CCI Blazer 1000rds, 9mm 115gr FMJ ammo. Seller Terms: Must provide a valid LTC or there is no deal. Buyer comes to me, Swampscott/Salem area. Cash only. Price: $380 Contact: PM is best Statement of legal compliance: I will comply with all Federal and State Laws. If the...

  3. Gold and silver prices are down

    I don't bother looking at the daily price movements. Buy coins on a good deal and stack em high. JPM can easily hammer the PM market down two days in a row and we are back under $1800. Forget about what PM prices are daily. Just buy!
  4. Gold and silver prices are down

    Gone are the days when we took advantage of the 10% Ebay Bucks. Those were the days when a 1oz gold coin was going for around $1050-1100/ea. Making over $100 in ebay bucks per coin. Coins were selling for pretty close to spot as well so that made the deals that much sweeter o_O

  6. Gold and silver prices are down

    not my first choice but in the past these coins have had some good pricing, close to spot. Anytime the deal was good I did pick them up.
  7. Gold and silver prices are down

    They were not following Great Bear. Nobody bats 1.000 and there are too many out there to track. Can't possibly have reliable info on all projects/miners. I have never been interest in KGC and this transaction does not change my position on the stock. I have about 10 I follow very closely...
  8. Gold and silver prices are down

    If gold goes down to $1400 range it's because we have a huge market correction and gold/miners are being sold off hard for liquidation/margin call purposes. Any other way, I doubt we get that big of a drop.
  9. Gold and silver prices are down

    I don't buy commons and look at the price movement daily either. We seem to have different investing strategies.
  10. Gold and silver prices are down

    consider the source. i pay no attention to what they say. if anything i do the opposite
  11. Gold and silver prices are down

    Fed is not committed to the tapering. They are simply "talking" about it. It will continue to go on and at the slightest market turbulence the printers will go brrrrr even harder.
  12. Gold and silver prices are down

    Looking at the daily price movement is not why you buy the shiny metal.
  13. Gold and silver prices are down

    I am going by what my two sources in the mining field tell me. They are the sources who got me into KL, PAAS very early. I trust their judgement when they tell me KGC made a mistake with this one. Time will tell.
  14. Gold and silver prices are down

    The preliminary resource estimate was not done yet. Kinross bid as if it is done and it's a done deal. Time will tell. They should have properly evaluated the ore body before bidding imo.
  15. New Folks Check In and Say Hi #4

    Welcome back to NES.
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