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  1. Refurbished Some Mags

    That's true. It shows that these can be restored to new condition with a little effort. Years ago I seem to remember an NES member that had small cracks in the corner at the feed mouth of a preban. He used the aluminum brazing rods to repair the cracks. I thought the repair came out great. You...
  2. Refurbished Some Mags

    I wanted a couple of mags to match the color of the black rifle. I scrubbed them inside and out in a solution of Simple Green. After drying I prepped them for paint by wiping down with denatured alcohol. I hung them and sprayed with a few coats of Rustoleum High Heat BBQ paint. After drying I...
  3. Homicide, (My Aunt beaten)carjacking, officer-involved shooting under investigation

    I hope your aunt continues to get well. The perp should be removed from society and placed behind bars.
  4. Polymer 80 mag dropping

    Check the frame magwell for interference with the magazine fully seating up into the frame. There may be a couple of areas in the magwell that need to be very slightly clearanced to allow the magazine to fully seat. A set of needle files would be enough to remove the excess material. This...
  5. New roof with Ridge vent, keep gable vents?

    On an episode of This Old House, Tommy said that if you add ridge vents and soffit vents you should close off the gable vents. The reason was because the hot air would short cycle between the gable and the ridge. The lower hot air would never be removed. That's what Tommy said anyway.
  6. pre ban AR 15 30 round mag issues

    I had a couple of used prebans that wouldn't insert easily and didn't drop free. I lightly squeezed them in the vise right at the problem areas, which brought them back into spec. Problem solved.
  7. Where can I get a blank key cut?

    The key shack outside of Sears at the Burlington mall is permanently closed. I went to D&D Lock in Wilmington and they cut a blank key for me that I had purchased from Ebay, no problem no questions asked . I wanted a couple of spare emergency keys for my new vehicle. D&D cut the one I brought...
  8. Best place to buy preban glock mags

    NES classifieds WTS/WTT Firearm accessories
  9. Boston cop had his Glock stolen by strippers in RI

    We have a name. Emanuel Brandao. The Boston news certainly wouldn’t name him, but they would name smear any one of us little people. The RI news has no reason or ties to protect the Boston cop. Police: R.I. strippers who stole Boston cop's gun were paid for sex
  10. Cheaper Than Dirt

    I won't even click on CTD web sight if a Google search lists it.
  11. Deals and steals

    Tactical backpack sale. Regularly $90 now $29.99 Elite Tactical Backpacks
  12. Septic baffle

    The same thing happened to me when I sold my previous house in 2001. The house and tank were only 12 years old but the baffle eroded and fell apart. They installed a plastic tee. They also reverse jetted out the leach pipes to remove any solids. I had been having the tank pumped every two...
  13. Benches and vises

    Simpson Strong Ties makes a work bench bracket kit for $40.00. It uses all 90 degree cuts ...
  14. Benches and vises

    Craigslist has a lot of used work benches and vises. It's hard to beat Harbor Freight on prices for new benches and vises. Make exactly what you need out of 2x4s and plywood. This is what I'm going to do for my tool shed.
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