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  1. Gunsmith for Front Sight

    After searching SnipersHide forum posts, I found the GRS stocks for the Tikka. Some gunsmith work hit the front site, and a rear peep sight with picatinny figment. A basic sling and a few spare mags. I think I’m getting close. Still a helluva lot cheaper than an Anschutz.
  2. Gunsmith for Front Sight

    Like most niche sports, biathlon rifles are expensive used and exorbitant new. I’m in touch with the guy who runs the Harvard biathlon group. He’s going to get me in touch with the right gunsmith. I’m going to give the Tikka some range time this weekend at Westford. It did well during a few...
  3. Gunsmith for Front Sight

    That’s the right site for sure. However, the Williams people said it won’t fit!! I talked with the Biathlon club in Harvard and am going to borrow a dedicated rifle for the race this weekend. Appreciate all the advice and links.
  4. Gunsmith for Front Sight

    The end goal is to have an entry level rifle for biathlon that’s also used for 100 yard shooting for future competition. Basically, trying to make the rifle do the job of two future rifles while I learn. Eventually, I’ll hand the Tikka down to my son who loves the rifle.
  5. Gunsmith for Front Sight

    Perfect. I’ll give him a recall.
  6. Gunsmith for Front Sight

    Great question. I’m not qualified to judge that but it seems fairly thick. It does have a threaded end and I had hoped to find a sight mount that threads on, but most seem custom or for Rugers, Winchesters, and Marlins. Tikka does have some accessories on their more expensive models that...
  7. Gunsmith for Front Sight

    I’ve got a Tikka T1X that I love, but being the lowest end in their lineup, it’s missing a few things like a front iron sight. I’ve got a picatinny rail on back so rear sight is fine. But I need a gunsmith to permanently attach a high quality front sight. Any recommendations for someone to...
  8. Best Place to Learn About Knife Brands

    Holy crap! This thread is a full time job!! Now I know what I’m going to binge research while stuck at home. There are some questions in this thread about my original ask and interests. I now realize I’m looking for a few different knives to meet needs. Love the idea of some cheaper knives to...
  9. Best Place to Learn About Knife Brands

    Nice! I’ve been wondering when someone would recommend a YouTuber. Sort of like asking about locks and someone recommending the Lock Picking Lawyer YouTuber.
  10. Best Place to Learn About Knife Brands

    Great looking knife. That’s for posting! This thread should be flagged as knife porn.
  11. Best Place to Learn About Knife Brands

    These are sexy. Looks like no local stores. But a few in California near my company’s HQ. won’t be until mid-2022 until I’m back but maybe worth the wait.
  12. Best Place to Learn About Knife Brands

    Lots of great suggestions on this thread. Thanks to all. Going forward plan seems to be three-fold: cheap knives when Scouting, very good quality knife for EDC (lots of amazing options), and mid-quality for keeping in car glove boxes just in case.
  13. Best Place to Learn About Knife Brands

    Agreed. Apparently my newbie question was energizing to the knife crew!!
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