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  1. WTS $140 CVA Wolf Muzzleloader

  2. WTS $140 CVA Wolf Muzzleloader

    WTS: CVA Wolf black powder muzzleloader. $140 *No paperwork needed for sale Comes with the rifle, installed Bushnell scope, hard case, shoulder strap. For those with a LTC or FID, I do have black powder pellets, primers, and projectiles. Great gun to start getting into black powder.
  3. WTS Sold

  4. WTS Sold

    SOLD Full size M&P40 range kit. 4 magazines, set of palm swells, already installed Apex trigger kit, holsters, rear tritium night sights, Tru glo front sight. All original parts included. Extras: 9mm conversion kit, with barrel, 14# spring, and guide rod Custom MK Tek competition holster for...

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