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  1. S&W 459 help

    The true glow option might be what I'm looking for
  2. S&W 459 help

    Right I don't want to cut of the nose I just want to know if there is some low impact improvement I can do
  3. S&W 459 help
  4. S&W 459 help

    The front sight post is definitely part of the slide and the back post definitely comes off there is a slide and spring and barrel combo on eBay that is listed as a 459 but it looks alot different the rear sight is much beefier and sturdier looking and the front has been hilighted with some sort...
  5. S&W 459 help

    Any one know if there is a way to improve the iron sights?
  6. Anyone into eating beaver?

    Yeah I just panfried it in oil no good maybe next time I'll give it more of an effort
  7. AR build in MA. Now AR-10!

    Sounds like the spot thanks
  8. MA Gun Laws

    Yeah I guess so thanks for the info now to find a comfy in the waist holster and maybe a smaller pistol
  9. MA Gun Laws

    Seriously? I did not think that I could conceal leagally without a specific licences to do so (beyond my LTC class a) Sorry to be so ignorant but what are the specifics that qualify as "conceal carry " Does it require a specific holster I believe the open carry holster requires a strap are there...
  10. AR build in MA. Now AR-10!

    All the way I live in the north shore and work in Watertown there are several shops I frequent in between but none seem to have much of a selection for ar parts I'm specifically looking to an a2 stock and buffer tube which is pretty mundane but I've had no luck finding it
  11. MA Gun Laws

    Outside the waist band I have a class a LTC the concern would be that if my jacket covered the majority of the holster say in the rain would I no longer be open carrying and be considered concealed carrying which I don't believe is legal
  12. MA Gun Laws

    Not sure if this is the right place but I'll try any way not much of a forum user In mass if you have a LTC and your fire arm is on your hip in an appropriate holster but your jacket covers it up would this be considered a concealed carry or would it fall in line with open carry?
  13. AR build in MA. Now AR-10!

    Does anyone know of a shop in eastern mass that you can go to pick up parts I'm not to keen on ordering things on the internet that I haven't seen and am not familiar with I'd rather just go to a store and pay with cash or buy from a real human being in a parking lot as opposed to ordering...
  14. Anyone into eating beaver?

    Tried the tail once supposed to be a French delicacy cooked it wrong it was terrible all get have me the runs
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