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  1. WTB springfield armory 1911

    Springfield Armory Defender Legacy Mil Spec 1911
  2. No Guns For Pot Smokers

  3. Any good feedback on these? TYT WALKIES/RADIOS

    Finally got what Iike to think is a decent set of radios/walkies from a friend for really cheap. I live in northern Worcester County. My friend said that the best way to set these up is with the cable that plugs into it, then into a PC or laptop via USB using the "Chirp" app?? Any other...
  4. Unbranded AR

    Thanks for the informative words!!
  5. Unbranded AR

    Well I guess I was assuming by "forged" they meant forged steel. But I obviously could be very, very wrong. 😅
  6. Unbranded AR

    Was thinking about buying a forged steel AR from Unbranded. Anyone have any experience with their guns?! Just trying to get my.foot in the door with a good rifle at a decent enough price point.. So far from holding one in person and Watching their reviews I'm pretty much sold. Figured I'd ask...
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