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  1. When did STEM become STEAM????

    Stem. View:
  2. US Air Force F-35 jet, show of force, successful supersonic nuclear bomb drop test

    That put cracks in the B-47's wings over time. Maneuver deleted. cool plane though.
  3. The President Trump Megathread

    Let's hope they arrest these tech giant owners as well. Influencing elections and worse.
  4. CMP Garands

    So I am weak and ordered two special rack grades. One for me and one for a buddy of mine who kept drooling on my stash of Garands. Sent in the paperwork via FedEx last night. Now the wait begins. $650 for virtually new Garand is tough to beat. You can shoot the snot out of it with no worries. I...
  5. The President Trump Megathread

    To the negative nellies.
  6. 'BE READY' Inside the far-right American ‘militia networks’ arming themselves for ‘Civil War’ as Joe Biden becomes president

    Those soy boy latte drinking mommy boys ? I don't know what gender they are anymore as they all look the same to me. I figure would last about 7 seconds when confronted with your average full grown man that has a set. Especially an armed one.
  7. do I or don't I? Decisions decisions

    I had a Concours 1400 and it was a absolute bullet. Miss that bike sometimes when I am riding the road king.
  8. Have you gotten your M1 Garand yet? All the info is contained in the link. It takes a few minutes but not hard at all. Go get one.
  9. Pick your quarantine house...

    4 is the easy win
  10. Hogan's Heroes

    Most of these shows can be watched on youtube anytime you want.
  11. Have you gotten your M1 Garand yet?

    Just ordered a 200 round case of the Creedmore ammo. You guys are a bad influence.
  12. Have you gotten your M1 Garand yet?

    The Springfield 03’s and the Garand just ooze Freedom and The United States of America. Awesome.
  13. My whole house just shook! WTF

    Peabody here. Distinct house shake. Both Cincpac and I felt it.
  14. What's wrong with this [literal] picture?

    I am continually running into SJW's today. Shit is tiring. Come on man!
  15. What's wrong with this [literal] picture?

    top says exit. bottom says entrance.
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