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  1. Crazy Meijer lady (MI)

  2. Upcoming Movie 1917

    I saw it over the weekend. Another me against the world in an impossible drama. I would not see it again.
  3. What would happen if I used a weapon to defend myself against a wild animal?

    What’s the Answer ? I live in a neighborhood where houses are closer than 500’. I have trail cam pics of these mutts just 20’ from my house. I leave early in the morning when it’s still dark. What happens if I’m confronted by a couple of them heading for my truck ? By the way I wouldn’t...
  4. Mass Superior Court judge arrested on domestic charges - LTC suspended

    I hope she has to petition the FLRB 👍
  5. Pembroke car crash

    My father grew up with a guy from Dorchester named fencer
  6. Pembroke car crash

    Curiosity overwhelms me fencer , are you an older gent from dot ?
  7. Pembroke car crash

    I have personally known people who have worked for that company. Those people have “issues” also. They can work in an environment where their habits will for the most part go unnoticed under the cloak of the graveyard shift. The owner is a successful functioning junkie. In other words , he is an...
  8. Massachusetts Democrat introduces bill to "screen all patients for the presence of firearms in the home"

    If it’s written down , it’s no longer your secret. Electronic files can be hacked witch allows everybody to know your business. There are no more secrets. A smart man/woman says nothing. Period
  9. Pembroke car crash

    I don’t care what the charge is as long as he never gets out. The damage caused is beyond monsterous. Not only did he devastate the lives of everyone in Claire’s family but also the 200 employees of that company. They can’t all be losers.
  10. Pembroke car crash

    So many things I want to say but don’t want to be labeled as irrational or an ass. But big timber has a good point. God look over Kendal and heal her mind and bones !
  11. Pembroke car crash

    I need to make a correction. After sitting with my daughter last nite and trying to calm her down I wrote my post saying both kids had died. I woke up to a text from my daughter saying the other girl is still alive !! Evidentially someone on Facebook posted that the second girl had died. My...
  12. Pembroke car crash

    My daughters best friend was killed on Sunday in a car crash by a drunk driver. I’m completely crushed by this. I’ve watched these two little girls grow up together on the soccer field. They have been on the same team together for 6 years. I can’t imaging the pain her parents and the other...
  13. Anyone ever blaze trees to mark off a boundary?

    Why not just freshen up the old marks ?
  14. Quincy MA ltc application

    Think all this is hard ? Try pulling a building permit in Quincy ! Lol
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