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  1. Moving a gun safe

    Get a couple meatheads from the gym. They love that manly shit
  2. Moving a gun safe

    A 12 pack and a couple come alongs. What could go wrong ?
  3. Kamala one step closer to the oval office

    That dog is a trump supporter ! Major trump ! 😂🇺🇸👍
  4. Who wants a tank?

    I did. It’s my new “bugout , go time” whip !
  5. Gun Ban

    I think your scarily correct. It certainly won’t help matters. Lets hope trumps judges kick it back up the dems ass
  6. Gun Ban

    I want to see him controll North Korea. I bet rockets start going off as soon as this election dust settles.
  7. Florida Man Pulls Handgun When Mocked About Penis Size

    Hey I know that guy ! He has a small dick !! Ah ha ahah lol
  8. Kristin fisher or Dana Perino ?

    Do you think she is a freek or a prude ? I get the feeling she’s a total pita
  9. Walmart to stop ammo, gun sales

    Plymouth has none eithe
  10. No Guts Baker ‘blanked’ the race for president

    Greatest privilege allowed in the free world and Baker pisses it away. Fkn loooser !!
  11. Kristin fisher or Dana Perino ?

    Miss piggy
  12. How many kids came for Halloween?

    I’d like to roof that place !
  13. I slept really late

    Looks like two volkswagens trying to pass each other !
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