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  1. MGTOW

    The lesson that my father did not teach me and that I am trying to convey to my son is never stick it in crazy. #Seriously
  2. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    I had seen a documentary about this. From what I remember, they said the fire happened a month or 2 before the first voyage. They knew there was damage to the structural integrity of the hull, but chose to hide it to save from embarrassment. They also gave creedence to this theory because...
  3. School resource officer tackle in Keene,NH

    OH THE IRONY The rest of the post was decent though.
  4. Seeing a therapist?

    Not trying to gang up on you, maybe it is me, but I am unable to correlate seeing a therapist to having "mental health issues". There are thoisands of good reasons to see a therapist and in doing so actually proves that you are mentally sound. I believe it is the mentally unsound person is...
  5. Seeing a therapist?

    To try to help the op a little. Here is my synopsis of the first 100 post. 2 schools of thought seem to dominate. Those who feel it is a bad move to seek help because of some sort of irrational fear that it will somehow haunt you down the road. I may add that it appears that zero of these...
  6. Seeing a therapist?

    I think it is important to make a distinction. Going to a therapist does not mean you have mental illness or personality disorders. What therapist do care about and have to take action about is whether you plan on hurting yourself or another person. The far far majority of people seeking help...
  7. Seeing a therapist?

    Kind of a leap to equate seeing a therapist to being mentally prohibited from owning a gun. There are endless reasons for seeing a therapist that are no where in the realm of mental illness. In fact, there are endless examples where seeing a therapist is the mentally sound course of action...
  8. Seeing a therapist?

    If I may say, what I like most about NES is that in general, the consensus seems to get it right. I know it is early in this thread, but the consensus seems to be toward the right answer.
  9. Seeing a therapist?

    A good therapist will outline what they are required to report and why as the first words out of their mouths. If they eventually ask about guns just say no. I will parallel you inquiring about therapy like being thirsty. If you are aware that you are thirsty then your body is already...
  10. Lori Laughlin

    I did not see the issue at first. If private college, she should be able to make a "donation" to the college and the college has the right to accept or deny admission to anyone they see fit. If it was done that way then everyone should be off the hook. I think the problem arose when these...
  11. Woman killed in gender reveal explosion was 45 feet away from device, died instantly

    I agree, enjoy your friends and family. My issue is the extraordinary attention and what role did social media influence the ordeal. Seems to me this was not just about enjoying your friends and family. They invited a whole bunch of strangers so they piled on the drama
  12. Woman killed in gender reveal explosion was 45 feet away from device, died instantly

    15 years from now they will have another gender reveal party when the kid chooses which gender he/she wants to identify with. Perhaps by then they will perfect the difference between a bomb and a controlled explosion
  13. Woman killed in gender reveal explosion was 45 feet away from device, died instantly

    Ordinary events get treated with extraordinary attention. It is a symptom of unhappiness and the goal is to get attention through social media to get a fix of temporary fulfillment. It is a recipe for true unhappiness because they rely on other people for their own feelings of joy. On the...
  14. Four flight attendants arrested on money laundering charges at Miami International Airport

    On top of the legal trouble, they potentially have some not so nice people wanting their 22k back. I think stupidity must be on the same gene as ugliness.
  15. Cashing a large check

    Another option is instead of having one large check, see if the issuer will give multiple checks in sums less than 4k. When you go to cash those checks, no paperwork will be involved.
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