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  1. Get your butt to Boston - GOAL Super Alert - Wed 28th!!!!

    I’m up in NH this week so I couldn’t be there. Glad to see a great turnout. Last time I turned my back to Linsky when he testified... Don’t let that bitch from Cambridge get away with saying the 2A is a privilege again.

    Sucks that I won't be able to go because I'll be in NH next week. I may just stay...
  3. New frontier armory

    I SBR'd my NFA 9mm made with all NFA parts. One of my favorite guns. It can take a little finagling to make the LRBHO to work but I like having that. I've been told it can be pretty abusive to Glock mags. They also make one that takes MP5 mags, which is a nice option.
  4. anyone kicked out of family over guns and trump

    My wife has 8 aunts on her mother's side. A couple of them are ridiculous anti's. Fortunately the ones that are anti are incredibly stupid. One of them bitched to another about me on FB, calling me a "gun-nut", a-hole, and a few other choice words. Being stupid, she didn't realize that she...
  5. Browning Hi Power transfer in MA

    I thought we couldn't C&R pistols in Mass until 2021. What'd I miss?
  6. What happens to anyone possessing a pre-ban glock hi-cap magazine?

    Took a class up at Sig Academy a few years back. One of the instructors was Everett PD at the time. He told me I was absolutely insane for carrying a pre-ban mag in Mass and that 10 rounds should be enough. I was disappointed that Sig employed the guy.
  7. 14 Year old boy mauled, killed by dogs.

    The boy's parents train hunting dogs in Rehoboth. I went to school with the mother. My heart goes out to the family.
  8. 3/13/19 - 10 Dead (including 6 Children) in Brazil School Shooting; 17 hurt

    Shannon Watts wasted no time blaming the NRA.
  9. Wealthy parents getting their kids into Ivy Colleges

    And now we know how David Hogg got into Harvard!
  10. Warning: Dangerous Glocks fire when you pull the trigger!

    Evidently this is a real tweet:
  11. NES/MFS March Gun Giveaway

  12. .22 conversion kit for SA 1911 RO 9mm

    I have the Nelson on my SRO but it's in 45. Works fine even though somewhere in the Nelson paperwork it says it won't work with the SRO. I have the AA one as well but I don't think I've tried it on my SRO.
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