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  1. Colt 6920 Upper *BRAND NEW*

    Colt 6920 (5.56) Upper Receiver all stock has FSB and foldable rear sight all OEM built by Colt. New in box Never Fired - Virgin ;) No BCG Not Pinned/Welded! Ready for your lower. $650 Zelle, Paypal, Venmo and Cashapp acceptable forms of payment
  2. WTB Winchester SPP/Remington SPP/CCI 500/FED100/GM100M/CCI #41

    I’m shooting a lot more 9 mm and 5.56. Need MOAR primers
  3. WTT 8# CFE223/H335 to trade for 8# AA2520/2000-MR/XBR 8208

    Title pretty self explanatory. I will sweeten the pot with 100 CCI SRP as well.
  4. WTB Preban/Pre-Healey AR10

    I refuse to have an AR rifle without a detachable magazine. Please let me know the details. I can pay cash or trade.
  5. Ammo Shortage

    New gun owners have no idea how low ammo prices were Pre COVID! They have zero frame of reference unless they have a gun friend. f*** most NES guys arent prepared either they just talk like they are. Come on more than half of gun owners were resting on the Trump laurels and didnt think he had a...
  6. Who was Pamela Cabriales? Colorado mom driving home shot dead as teens, 18 and 14, fire 8 bullets into her SUV: Don't talk about this.

    Could of been a gang initiation. Some gangs require random murder of a regular unarmed person that is witnessed by a gang member. They want to see if you hesitate or “act like a bitch”. An acquaintance from Cali was shot and lived during such a night. He heard rapid footsteps behind him...
  7. You need my LTC for that!

    I forgot to add it's probably because Cabela's is being sued right now in New York. Some 19 yr old kid bought 45 for his rifle and accidentally shot and killed his friend showing it to him. In New York it's illegal for a teenager to buy pistol cartridges. They're trying to say the 45 was really...
  8. You need my LTC for that!

    I bought the Berger reloading manual and they asked to see my LTC lol.
  9. Delete SOLD

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