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  1. Instructor Renewal

    A new requirement is that you must have a certificate in the course you wish to instruct before taking that instructor course.
  2. Instructor Renewal

    You should have received a renewal application with the letter.
  3. Acceptable humidity level for a gun safe

    I have a commercial grade dehumidifier in my gun room. It has a built in pump and is plumbed to a drain line. It maintains 45% humidity maximum.
  4. Colt’s Manufacturing awarded $57M contract for M4 carbine rifles

    The DoD release says up to 10,000 “additional” rifles, so the price per unit may actually based upon a larger number. Additionally, such contracts often include spares, armorer tools, training and other support. FMS marks the total up by 2%, which is less than ITAR and State Department...
  5. Glock 43

    There have been problems with Taran Tactical +1 and +2 base pads and feeding of hollow point ammo. They now ship increased power springs with them.
  6. Online Poll: Is social media discriminating against conservatives?

    Online poll: Do you think that President Trump is correct that social media platforms are "discriminating" against conservatives? Vote at www.berkshireeagle.com 59% yes, 41% no as of 2 PM.
  7. Is there a torque spec when tightening an optic?

    With quality rings it’s generally 25-30 inch-pounds. If that doesn’t work then the rings may be out of spec or nonconcentric.
  8. Moving to Lowell

    Lowell has their own list of approved “concealed carry” courses. They will lift restrictions if you take one of these courses. The Course approval process includes a review of the curriculum and a visit to the training facility.
  9. Letter to my Chief of police

    Refer to it as ”unrestricted” instead of “all lawful purposes”. You might also offer to take a next level, concealed carry course to get the restriction lifted (PM me if you need a course referral). Springfield primarily issues restricted licenses, but I do know people who have been issued...
  10. Advice from Col. Jeff Cooper

  11. Any gunsmiths specializing in CZ Shadow 2 near Swansea Ma

    https://czcustom.com/ Shipping to AZ is pricey including insurance. This is the best CZ shop in the USA.
  12. Marijuana Users In Mass. Can't Buy Guns

    Perhaps I should further clarify my statement above. He was denied an Instructor certification, not an LTC.
  13. Marijuana Users In Mass. Can't Buy Guns

    I am aware of a MA certified instructor applicant who was denied because he holds a MA medical marijuana card. I think this is the tip of the iceberg.
  14. Looking for advice on relining a .22 barrel

    Good question. The neck diameter of a .22 WRF case is .242 while the .22 S/L/LR are .226.
  15. Kydex Shield Holsters

    I use several of these IWB holsters from PJ Holsters. They’re made from a single piece of kydex. Mine are 30 degree cant and raised slightly to about the ride height of his 15 degree cant version. They ride tight to the body, and are the most comfortable IWB holsters I’ve used. No adjustable cant.
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