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  1. Creeper gets busted- My daughter's teacher!

    He got caught... As to the legality of any of it...I have no idea.
  2. Bill Would Hold "Gun Free Zones" Liable for Losses Suffered by Gun Owners

    any place the public is allowed....private residence should be exempt but nothing else. If the public is invited whether you take money or not then you either provide armed protective services or let me bring my own.
  3. Oh NO! The Russians are meddling again

    Sending smoke signals???? the only possible person they can be communicating with a fauxahontis...
  4. DUIs going away

    my guess is they will x-ref the LTC database and the cases where it involved someone with an LTC, those cases will not be tossed or overturned. The rest they will let go...
  5. Shot over a cigarette; life is cheap.

    life might be cheap but cigarettes certainly are not anymore...
  6. Democrats 2020 Megathread - There can be only one! lifestyle brand andipalmur @andipalmur normal guy Mike Bloomberg likes to get his "busty" daughter laid on business trips, off the record
  7. Johns Hopkins Study: Licensing, mag bans mean fewer mass shooting fatalities

    Punish criminals. Leave 2A alone and stop trying to make everyone violate stupid fucI<ing retarded and restrictive laws.
  8. nurse kellye has died

    too bad it wasn't the star of the show. That'll be great day.
  9. State Rep. David Nangle Arrested On Federal Charges

    He’s a democrat. They will just write it off as a welfare payment. Nothing to see here.
  10. Got first speeding ticket, what to expect at court and after?

    I get on the highway and set the cruise control to 65. Even on a 55 highway there are plenty of other drivers going faster than me they have to choose from. The staties even fly by me and never even glance over.
  11. Got first speeding ticket, what to expect at court and after?

    a PP for one speeding ticket....lmao.... I think we are heading down that road but I don't think we are quite there yet.
  12. Pregnant woman killed in Walnut Hills shooting: What would you do?

    I would not try to rescue anyone. Let them save themselves. I might grab a bag of popcorn and wait around to see how it all plays out. I'm no hero and I am not going to pretend to be one. Let the first responders earn their money.
  13. Guns Account for 1/3 of Increase in Suicide

    not looking at the data. Just going off the title. Guns do not account for a 1?3 increase in suicide. Idiot parents raising snowflakes account for the increase.
  14. Mike Bloomberg 'wants Hillary Clinton as his running mate'

    I didn't even think about the Clinton's having him knocked off. I just though that the would resign if he won and then she would get the job.
  15. Bernie Sanders says he was “nauseated” by JFK

    Kind of sounds like that "Hitler" type of communism too...Order the adults into compliance and brainwashed the youth. and Bern definitely has the young people support.
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