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  1. More police protecting and serving

    This one is going to be tough to sift through..
  2. Airspace Trespassing in Wyoming
  3. House Passes 2022 AWB; Senate Up Next

    We’re supposed to bow down to this idiot because he has a pro2A tattoo and he says the ar is really fun to shoot? He’s an idiot. And he iss aaa an idiot for getting a pro 2A tattoo because he obviously had no idea what The Second Amendment is about. If he has a wife he more than likely...
  4. Happy Thanksgiving NES Family

    I can’t believe you already decorated for festivus. Lol
  5. Katz Deli NYC

    Waban Deli in Newton is pretty good if they're still open....
  6. NH Man Charged With Poaching For Shooting Turkey With 9mm From Car Window

    "Officers said they learned about the alleged poaching after getting a tip from a concerned citizen."
  7. Colorado Springs LGBT Club Mass Shooting

    Yup, that’s what they said. We’ll have to wait and see.
  8. Colorado Springs LGBT Club Mass Shooting

    I kind of think his “they/them” identity is being used to probably set him up for a mental defect defense and to try and sway people that this wasn’t what they define as a hate crime. The best solution here would be if the shooter is gay. I mean he will be soon enough in prison but it would...
  9. Colorado Springs LGBT Club Mass Shooting

    I read the article. That is why I believe the former major when he said the rifle was an AR. They didn’t mention much about the other hero. His resume must have been beyond lack luster.
  10. Colorado Springs LGBT Club Mass Shooting

    Wouldn’t It be a “gay slur”? An anti-“gay slur” wouldn’t that be pro-gay?
  11. Colorado Springs LGBT Club Mass Shooting

    I just knew it was going to be an AR15. So now it begins……
  12. Colorado Springs LGBT Club Mass Shooting

    The timing of this event is very suspicious. The control of the house transitions to the republicans in January. That takes total control of congress away from the democrats. The person was known to law enforcement just like the Texas school shooter. Not trying to turn this into a tin foil...
  13. ***NES Server migration***

    I hope they included all the Y2K updates.
  14. Indiana cop visits school to teach kids how to be good police -- then accidentally shoots one of them

    Cannot imagine how quick the trial would be if it weren’t a cop who shot hbd kid. I wish they would call it what it is, a negligent discharge, rather than the “cop is innocent” term of accidental discharge. Law suit against gun manufacturer in 3…2…
  15. Ashfield Select Board hosting forum on gun noise

    Simple solution would be silencers. Then noise issues solved.
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