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  1. Has RI gone full Iron Curtain?

    The RI orders, extreme as they may be where they apply, do not apply to people who aren't staying in RI.
  2. Red Dot Recommendation

    Another vote -- two, actually -- for the Vortex Ve
  3. POLL: "Should G.O.A.L. hold a Civil Disobedience Rally on Beacon Hill April 19th?

    When you're in a fight, doesn't help to give the opposition ammunition.
  4. POLL: "Should G.O.A.L. hold a Civil Disobedience Rally on Beacon Hill April 19th?

    When you're in a fight, doesn't help to give the opposition ammunition.
  5. New Massachusetts decision on prohibited person status

    I don't get the dump on the Westfield COP. My read is that he did what he could to help the guy.
  6. Cheaper than dirt price gouging!

    Let's say ten years ago you bought a Dingus Model 37 for S150. Not sure why; you really didn't need or want it, and it's been sitting in the safe since. Now all of a sudden everyone wants a Dingus Model 37. There are 10 people on your front porch looking to scarf up yours, and six of those...
  7. Rifle Case for airline checked luggage

    If you're talking about thumb wheel combination locks, check out Lock Picking Lawyer on You Tube. So far, a thumbwheel combination padlock that could not be decoded in seconds has not been encountered.
  8. Is A Full Size Pistol Even Necessary?

    The problem with the question posed in this thread is that no one has defined "necessary." Do that, and you likely answer the question. As often as not, I carry a "compact" SIG. I do that because I do not expect to encounter a problem. Tell me that I am going to encounter a gun fight, and...
  9. Rifle Case for airline checked luggage

    I can't say I've seen every Plano case ever made. I have seen quite a few though, and not a one comes close to the Pelicans. I'm not saying all Plano's would fail, only that who wants to run that risk when you have no way or time to cure the problem?
  10. Flaherty named permanent COP in Arlington

    Fairly sure no change. In Arlington, go to the Records window on the second floor and ask for an "appointment." May have to wait a couple of days; never heard of it being longer. At the "appointment," answer the questions while the very pleasant and helpful staff types the stuff into the...
  11. Rifle Case for airline checked luggage

    TSA has the power to declare a stand-alone gun case (i.e., one not enclosed in a suitcase) insufficient. A lot of the Plano cases are sufficiently flexible that they can be opened by a moderate level of force without bypassing a padlock. Now, if you get your stuff to the airport and then are...
  12. Interesting write-up on Cuba and gun confiscation

    Che Guevara (real name Ernesto de la Serna, M.D.) was the rebellious son of a wealthy Argentinian family. In real life, de la Serna demonstrated zero military skills, and Castro kept him around during his rebellion in the Sierras mainly because de la Serna could read, write and carry on a...
  13. CA giving Florida a run for its money; "at risk" => "at promise"

    So let's re-label AR-15s "At Promise Rifles?"
  14. Is A Full Size Pistol Even Necessary?

    If you can define "necessary," then maybe the question can be answered. When I carry a compact pistol, it is because I don't think it is likely I'll need it. If you told me I was definitely headed for a gun fight, and I couldn't talk my way out of it somehow, I'd opt for a 1911 .45, a SIG P220...
  15. Is Harvard's 300 yard range really 300 yards????

    The last time we lased the HSC ranges, the 300 was spot on from the front of the concrete firing line to the paper target frames, but the 200 was (from memory) 207 yards. Seems to me we heard a story about the target frames having been moved some time ago while being rebuilt.
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