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  1. Rifle for my lovely wife

    I have several Savage rifles, and none have a "rough action" issue.
  2. Ashfield Select Board hosting forum on gun noise

    G. L. ch. 214, § 7B (from memory).
  3. Best .22LR for pistol on predator

    If you are planning on maybe shooting an aggressive coyote with a .22 rimfire, I'd suggest making sure you had your running shoes on.
  4. Under 21? Enjoy your new Federal Mandated Waiting Period...

    "Under 21?" Don't I wish.
  5. Florida out of state CCW process questions

    I can only report what I was told.
  6. Florida out of state CCW process questions

    I was told (by a nice lady at Florida Agriculture office) that a MA BFS certificate would be acceptable if, and only if, it was endorsed "Live Fire." So I endorse all of the BFS certificates I issue "Live Fire" and so far they have been accepted by students who apply for a Florida pistol permit.
  7. Is an MA DL required for a res LTC?

    A MA ID suffices for someone who doesn't have a DL.
  8. After Massachusetts dog walker surrounded by pack of coyotes, police offer tips

    Wasn't me; must be a different encounter.
  9. After Massachusetts dog walker surrounded by pack of coyotes, police offer tips

    I wouldn't be so confident. Many years ago I was driving a department vehicle. It was about 0500 on Winter Street in Belmont. As I was toodling along, I spotted two small glowing objects down the road. Slowed down, and it appeared to be a coyote, sitting right in the middle of the road...
  10. Because I'm Not a Lawyer Question 1.

    More like walking, actually. There is a school close to the restaurant I lunch at when I visit a gun store in NH. If I didn't have a NH NR license, I would be opening myself up to a federal crime, which would render me a "diaqualified person" for life. How big is the risk? I don't know but...
  11. Because I'm Not a Lawyer Question 1.

    Which is why some of us have recommended getting a non-resident license in NH and ME.
  12. Gun charge dropped for Worcester man with shotgun & loaded pistol in uninsured, unregistered vehicle

    "Double locking" handcuffs is SOP and has nothing to do with profiling. There are a couple of reasons. Unless double locked, handcuff halves are connected by a ratchet mechanism. This means that either intentionally or unintentionally, the ratchet can be closed further than necessary, which...
  13. S&W M&P 10MM is hot garbage.

    On this subject, I offer the following experience, without judgment or comment. One: One way of another, I have been engaged with Smith & Wesson for decades. Today I own a passel of older S&W DA revolvers, some Third Gen autos, and a handful of modern M&P autos (both gens). Two: Until recently...
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