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  1. Bill of sale of lowers

    I don't think anyone is required to prove anything, the fact that you are asking this is pretty much what she wanted.
  2. WTS Icom ID-51a $200

  3. Ed Fongs Antennas

    I had the plans and built one but don't have a swr meter for those bands yet so I also bought one and it works great.
  4. WTS Icom ID-51a $200

  5. WTS Icom ID-51a $200

    Looking to sell a Icom ID-51a. It is in great shape I just don't need two of the same radio. Comes with the radio, antenna and charger. Mainly looking to sell but maybe willing to make a deal for a HF rig. $200
  6. Anyone here going to the Marlboro Flea Market on Saturday?

    I was there right at 9 and for the most part didn't notice many offensive odors. Everyone I interacted with was also very nice and helpful.
  7. Anyone here going to the Marlboro Flea Market on Saturday?

    I went and got a 20amp astron power supply for $40 and a Realistic HTX-100 with a end fed antenna for $45. I think it was worth the drive.
  8. New Sig P365 Owner - Ammo And IWB Holster Recommendations?

    I've had my p365 for awhile now and absolutely love it. I run Federal HST 124gr and probably have 2-3 hundred rounds of that stuff down range with no issues. I've also run some wolf steel case Federal aluminum and Federal brass with no issues. As far as holsters I use an 2a holsters liberator...
  9. Ham Radio License Courses

    I did sign up and I passed today. They did a great job over there. I do wish I had studied a little more on my own however Bob did great getting me ready for the test.
  10. Ham Radio License Courses

    Is it to late to sign up for the general class? Only reason I ask is it says they send you materials a week before the class. Just got my tech Friday KC1KVW and want to upgrade before I get too busy again.
  11. Toyota Tundra or Chevy /GMC Silverado /Sierra?

    I'll have to look into that. Thank you.
  12. Toyota Tundra or Chevy /GMC Silverado /Sierra?

    I bought a 18 Silverado in July and I absolutely love it. The only thing I regret is not waiting to find one with leather seats. It's a 5.3 and I average between 20-22 mpg however I drive like a old lady.
  13. Comm2A and Smile.Amazon

    I just updated it to comm2a. My Amazon app uses the smile link automatically.
  14. School me on Android Auto

    I have it in my new Silverado and love it. Keeps me from using my phone while driving and Google maps and Waze are way better than any factory GPS.
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