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  1. ALERT: Mashpee looking to prohibit hunting

    My family came over on the Sunflower and landed at Plymouth Dock.....
  2. Best 1911's - Top Tier - Looking for recommendations

    Dave Santurri Santurri, Ltd. makes some really nice 1911's.
  3. Marlin to Re-Release the 1895 in 45-70 by end of year.

    They need to make it in 45-120 but they will need to lengthen the action. 45-120 the ultimate chipmunk gun .
  4. 22lr barrel leading

    Just a Helpfull reminder , i like to have potato chips handy when im scrubbing lead from barrels. That Hoppe's Number 9 is awesome mixed with JB Bore paste as a chip dip. Be sure to lick you fingers you dont want any of that potato chip oil on your nice clean gun.
  5. N/D Of The Week

    Damnit i was just going to ask what caliber for foreplay!
  6. The perfect deer hunting shotgun, it no longer exists...

    Savage 220 bolt action slug gun . I thought I would never find anything more accurate than my H&R ultra slug hunter . But the Savage is more accurate and with Remington green dots it’s a legitimate slug gun out to 150 yds with no holdover. I highly recommend it.
  7. Parrot spotted in NE (CZ)

    OMG that's the gayest looking gun ive ever seen , Is it Liberace's ?
  8. rare and very dangerous gun recovered by police

    Glad they don't know about my Super Rare Jenning J22 they would have a stroke.
  9. I think I shot a deer

    I think i'd rather just carry a pencil.
  10. I think I shot a deer

    Just a tip for you hunters. I carry a pen and a pencil when I’m out. I’ve seen it cold enough for a pen to not work. You can always sharpen a pencil.
  11. Arlington has successful gun buyback!!!!

    I feel safer already!
  12. Crossbow hunting

    Yes it's true
  13. Crossbow hunting

    They want us to kill more deer in the high deer population areas. A xbow is just a tool that would increase the deer harvest and help bring the population under control. Also most of the hunters are getting older and the use of a xbow makes sense if you want to keep hunters in the archery season.
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